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  1. What it will include? - New civilizations - New flags - New leaders In some cases all the subdivisions can't be put in the game so only ones are choosen Countries with all subdivisions: - Canada - United States - Brazil - Mexico (Bad borders) - Nicaragua (Simplified) - El Salvador (Simplified) - Bolivia - Argentina - Spain - United Kingdom - China - Liberia - Australia Progress
  2. Yes but the problem is that the map with changes have some mistakes so I'm making a remaked edition from the start
  3. It's because they are other civilizations that aren't in the game, just wait until I upload the mod, more civilizations, I will send you the link here
  4. Indonesia probably, the UAE probably not
  5. Probably like 1 or 2 months, I'm planning to add leaders for some custom scenarios I have made
  6. UPDATE V2: It includes some leaders for some of my custo scenarios, a new 2019 scenario map and an autonomies liberated 2019 scenario "You will have to wait for some of the civilizations" https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CsI8S47e6e6aMRriRh27E8m1HvxkuIEa/view?usp=sharing
  7. Yes, it will be fixed but for another time
  8. It's something that happens, it happens to me so many times and I had fear that it could happen to another ones, but if it crashes i think I will find other way for the mod to be aplied
  9. Don't worry, I don't have to wait because I already done that but for the moment is private
  10. I would like to say I want this but the real thing is than I fall in love with the original way of doing the custom civilizations (not the one in AoC2, other one)
  11. The first atractive of this scenario is the Triple Alliance War or Paraguayan War Things that contains the scenario: - Triple Alliance War - American Civil War (with liberated territories) - Mexican monarchy rise - So much african kingdoms - An personalized cover 1566136981734esltxmpg.rar The leaders aren't included but if you want them just wait for the update of this mod: 1566136981734esltxmpg.r
  12. Added: - ABC islands - Saint Vincent and the granadines - Martinique - Antigua and Barbuda as separated islands - Tobago - Saint Kitts - Nevis - Panama Canal Planned: - USA and british virgin islands - Cozumel island - Anguilla and Montserrat - Saint Martin (both sides) - Vatican City - San Marino - Liechenstein - Jersey - Territories of Australia - Clipperton Island - Federal District of Brazil - Tristan da Cunha - Fix the borders of Canada, Australia and Mexico
  13. You want it in modern world or after war?
  14. I'm bad at alternative scenarios but I will try
  15. Name a scenario, I will try to make it, It can be anything with the only request of putting the map if it's a fanmade or alternative
  16. It is literally the Victorian Era map with some little changes - I just do this for look the Yucatan Republic in a map 1845.rar
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