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  1. It is literally the Victorian Era map with some little changes - I just do this for look the Yucatan Republic in a map 1845.rar
  2. This is a map with the borders of the Plague Inc. map - The technology is based on the flanks of the country and the technology by province was based on their descriptions of the game - When a civilization of the game doesn't exist I decided to take one representative country of there, examples: Central Europe = Czechoslovakia Central Asia = Uzbekistan East Asia = Thailand And just like that plagueinc.rar
  3. Just put them in the correct folders according to their names
  4. Great War scenario made by me Start date: 1/Jul/1910 I tried to make this accurate but the AI is very crazy sometimes Extras: - Mexican Revolution - Portugal leaving monarchy - Russian Revolution - Korean Empire anexation Differences comparing with other scenarios: - British Raj is part of United Kingdom - Mexican Empire (It doesn't exist in that time but for have Porfirio Díaz I put it like that and actually if you see the ideology is a republic) - Newfoundland independent - Events can't be skipped by the AI but can be skipped or c
  5. With subnations I am saying that is like an ideology for other nation
  6. New challenge for me, I will try for get a leader for every civilization in the game "it doesn't count subnations just like Vichy France"
  7. It didn't happen to me before that
  8. I tried to do some changes but the problem is you can't do elections without kicking out the another civilization, the most near to an election I got is to replace the ideology with the governing party ideology even if the another leader still in power
  9. New thing: I decided to put the date of the 2019 scenario in 1/Jan/2019 instead of 1/July/2019, and it will include some events Some events I'm planning to put: - Venezuela presidential crisis (23/Jan/2019) - End of the drug war in Mexico (29/Jan/2019) - Operación Libertad Venezuela (30/Apr/2019) - Some new leaders (They will be announced but will not appear as leader of the civilization for the moment)
  10. For the moment thanks to some problems with the leaders appearing on the correct scenario the dates will only contain the month and day of assumed office while the year will be a random year selected for the leader to appear in the correct scenario
  11. Advancement: - Added 29 new civilizations (based on separatist movements) - Added new scenario (Liberated World 2019)
  12. No downloader, sorry, but you can take a tutorial, when I download mods in the cellphone I use 3 apps, --- Extractor, MT Manager and ZArchiever, obviously you need the game, I recommend this video that is easy, just remember to follow the steps of the notes i give you in the download link
  13. Alpha 0.01 released: It includes... - 33 new ideologies - 2019 scenario - 295 new leaders - 188 new songs - New sound for move army - 5 provinces were changed of place for some civilizations (San Marino, Vatican City, Liechenstein, Saint Vincent and the Granadines, Saint Kitts and Nevis) Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JdZy4_QQMtCD83i6C4_YqQf7mRho_Hfd/view?usp=sharing Folow the instructions or the game will not work
  14. New map of the world by ideologies, it includes the 195 UN members and 11 countries that aren't in the UN Niue, Cook Islands and Puntland were counted as countries because they have full control over their territory and de facto are independent countries, in case of Niue and Cook Islands are free associated states just like Micronesia, Palau and Marshall Islands but they haven't enter to the UN making them just an autonomies, in the case of Puntland it was counted as a country because even if they claim being part of Somalia they have full control over their territory Extras: -
  15. Just some ideologies in Africa and I will release the Alpha of the mod
  16. I'm trying a way to skip the mistakes, for the moment it is going well, but I don't really know how it will going to end but now the idea of cancell the mod is more far than I tought before
  17. I thought you created a map and not a scenario
  18. I'm sorry to say this but there is a possibility that the mod get cancelled, the game has too many mistakes for it: 1.- The main scenario (2019) is constantly having errors where the game doesn't want to open it, I think it's because of the more ideologies 2.- The Earth+ map is having problems loading the new provinces 3.- The leaders don't follow the assumed office date and the dates can be randomly choose by the AI 4.- The game closes without reasons I don't want to cancell the mod but I think it is necessary to correct this mistakes because they can happen in playi
  19. You should add the mail and you are a robot verification of type, I hate them but them will at least make lower the robot spam in the page
  20. I was doing a mod for AOC2 but for some reason it started crashing, I hate how badly is the game programed for support changes in the game
  21. En mi opinión las monarquías parlamentarias no deberían ser consideradas monarquías pues varias de ellas no dependen en lo absoluto de la figura del monarca, tal vez y serviría para una cosa secundaria pero no funcionaria como propio gobierno pues han habido casos de monarquias parlamentarias que tambien son comunistas, como el caso de Grenada en un tiempo, la reina Elizabeth reinaba pero el poder era del secretario comunista
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