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  1. UPDATES (04/07/2019): - Provisional Goverment changed to a uncivilized civilization, it is very hard to become civilized but it's possible - Added Islamist Ideology - Changed Environmentalism to Progressive - Added Christianism Ideology - Added Liberalism Ideology
  2. In case you want to know the leaders than I put in the image are this from left to right: MWL = Appears in the modern world scenario - Brigitte Bierlein "Austria Prime Minister" MWL - Nareanda Modi "Indian Prime Minister" MWL - Abdullah al-Thani "Prime Minister of Libya recognized by the House of Representatives" REBEL AND ALTERNATIVE LEADER FOR PRESIDENTIAL PARLAMENTARY REPUBLIC - Francisco Guterres "East Timor President" MWL - Andrés Manuel "Mexican President" MWL - Jair Bolsonaro "Brazillian President" MWL - Jaime Calderon "Nuevo Leon Governor" ENVIRO
  3. This is a mod that includes a "realistic" modern world scenario and added some ideologies and goverments, the ideologies are more used for former scenarios meanwhile the goverments are used more in current scenarios. What this includes? - 8 types of goverment and 14 ideologies "the list can be expanded in the release" - The modern day scenario includes the forgotten countries in the original game and the list of powers was modified to be most accurate to one of the real world "GDP Nominal" - It includes current day leaders "Example: Bolsonaro" and alternative leaders "Examp
  4. Nice mod but I was developing a similar mod, In my case I'm including some civilizations that aren't in the game, I do the civil wars like cores and not like civilizations, I didn't count the autonomous communities of spain as autonomous and in my case it has the leaders for the modern day nations
  5. Description: This is a map based on the autonomous communities of Spain, all of them are tried to be the most accurate with the original Includes: - Spain Map Scenario - 5 new civilizations - New flags for some civilizations - All the 19 presidents https://drive.google.com/file/d/11dUQtTwOHLk4ao7omkpjKrqeUrdRE4Be/view?usp=sharing
  6. I wanted to do this principally for see the glorious Aztec and Inca Empires but if I'm going to do something I will do it complete Details: The scenario is based on "The History of the World: Every Year" by Ollie Bye, in some old books, in ubication of some cultures, in the 1440 scenario in the game and in some part the history of the place, the scenario can be inaccurate because some ethnicities were confused with countries, some countries were replaced because they were not in the game, the lack information of some places, some countries have more territory or territory that was c
  7. I want the leaders to appear in a specific date, I changed all the birth dates to "assumed office" dates but the problem is than the leaders appear before that date, is there anyway I can change that, like for example a code or something for specify a period?
  8. There you go, I put another update, but I forgot to update the president of Ukraine, sorry... I will try to do it tomorrow because today I don't have time
  9. but I'm first adding a lot of new leaders for the update to make sense
  10. I'm updating the president of Ukraine, Algeria Changing the president of Monaco where I accidentally put the "Association Sportive de Monaco Football Club" president instead of the prime minister and actually I'm adding leaders to the scenarios of Second Boer War and after "without including the ones run by the monarch of other country, and a lot of historic leaders "that doesn't appear in any scenario" but they can be in the game
  11. Sorry, it is outdated, I'm planning an update
  12. Includes: - New civilizations - New formable civilizations - Monarchy flag for Haiti https://drive.google.com/file/d/1m5ONmM1b3vuFXoKEsMD8SnRIgznr6pWF/view?usp=sharing
  13. If you want it to be specific just delete the communist flag
  14. I suggest than you were able to select a leader Obviously it has to be only of the civilization that you had select This is for add leaders in a specific scenario or add fictitious leaders that never rule the country but you want them to rule in that scenario
  15. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ycaM-6sA_1Geq_seO0bhq4HgHBDxafV8/view?usp=sharing It includes: - Canadian provinces scenario with modern day prime ministers - Mexican states scenario with modern day governors - Governors of American states in 2017 - Modern day governors of American States - Adds Mexican States and Canadian Provinces into the game Extras - Coahuila and Texas civilization added - Ideology flags for some new civilizations and American States All the flags of the Mexican states are not official with exception of Jalisco and
  16. But hey, I thought it would be the governors according to the scenario date (15/May/2017), not the actual ones
  17. This photo is perfect, it wasn't in the mod but here is
  18. I was doing this by myself but now I will have them all
  19. Yes, but the mod was done before he became a president
  20. I have done it but probably I will not put it in public for the moment
  21. Nope, I see your mod but I didn't take your leaders, I do them by the start, I imagine there can be a difference between the leaders you put and the leaders I put
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