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  1. @krauser3ful And I forgot to say than you have to replace the leaders in the leaders section because there are some dates than are changed for work
  2. @krauser3ful There I put some images of the changes, they aren't so many because I only deleated the territories and added some unrecognized civilizations
  3. @krauser3ful They come in the file
  4. It includes: New scenario (Modern Day 2019) Updated Leaders for some nations Added new leaders for all the nations in the Modern Day 2019 Added some leaders for a WWI scenario Added leaders of Football scenario Added new leaders and photos for some random civilizations like: - Texas - California - Mexican Empire - Yucatan - Baja California - Sonora - Mexico - Vermont P.D: You have to replace the leaders informations to the ones in the file or some leaders will not work https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BPr30PiQ2ZkHD
  5. I want to create another scenario with different leaders but the problem is than if I put some leader it appears another one, it is any way to put a leader for a specific year or age?
  6. I accidentally changed the modern day scenario in my first days, does anyone have the original modern day scenario?
  7. If you want to do it permanent It's easy, you just have to go to language, then civilizations, then select Bundle.propieties (for english) add the name, then just add the name, example: Chiapas = Chiapas and that's the name you are going to have everytime, you can actually put different names for other ideologies, example: Chiapas_c = People's Republic of Zapata Chiapas_f = Zapatist National Liberation Chiapas_u = Zapatist State (this will only works if you use the Game Editor Civilization creator instead of the original one) I hope this works for you, I
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