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  1. It will not be very realistic. If the Roman legion is going in Gaul, then it may be surrounded by areas of barbarian tribes, but the Romans are not afraid of this. Or the same thing happened with the European armies on other continents in the colonial period. So what I suggest: 1) If the troops are surrounded, then their forces are reduced by 70%, and they have only 30% of their normal strength. Therefore, if they are 10 times stronger, they will become 3 times stronger. 2) And the likelihood that they can move is only 50% - just to reduce their speed.
  2. just the brush for all the ideas... just it.
  3. Ye, Lucazs non-acting is strange. I dont understand him at all.
  4. "Dark reader" in google-webstore if you use chrome
  5. Presidental election in Ukraine
  6. He's not silent, 5 days ago he said that 3 years of work on AOC2 is enough
  7. Yea, if army is encircled and unconnected with its capital it should become almost useless
  8. I want each country in the beginning of any scenario to have at least the minimum army in its borders, and the towers and castles should be in every border-province by default too.
  9. No updates for almost 2 months...
  10. It's really huge work that must be done to create a database of every city with every its name in different cultures. So it's not important. It's way better to improve diplomacy/waging war by AI, than such things)
  11. 1) - I meant capturing empty province. Now the minimum amount of army to take the province wdhout army is 10, i suggested that your army must be over 1% of civilian population of this hostile province. 3) Not movement points, but money 4) Playing as Germany i can invade Poland in 1939 and completly assimilate it till maybe 1941. Is that realistic? And i think more - assimilation should worsen the way all other countries treat you, at least democratic countries. 7) No, never met this in the game. But saw a lot of pockets of armies migrating through entire enemy's mainland. 8
  12. Yea, great. I'd add that country could not build oil stations wherever it wants. There are certain places on the map where oil or even iron can be produced. And therefore there must be a competition for these provinces.
  13. In our real world the history is built on one single thing - genetics of the nations, and more preсisely on the phisiological intelligence of the people. The europeans colonised the whole world exactly because of their phisological ability to resolve the complex tasks. How can small Japan or Britain or even Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal colonise much bigger nations? Why do this countries have now the best economic, science, military, etc... So if the game developers will not use this factor (phisiological intelligence of different nations) the strategy-games will always be unrealistic. I'm no
  14. I mean that bad economic will not let them wage war succesfully enough to defeat normal countries
  15. And the AI-countries themselves will prevail having normal borders cuz of better economic
  16. The cost of building shouldn't increase either. - this point is very wanted)
  17. man, please stop these insults, Lucaz does not deserve to listen from those like you things like these - "this is stupid, that is unrealistic ", etc. If you dont like anything then write about it as if it's just your suggestion. Lucaz does not want the AI to be worse then he can make it just by his own.
  18. Yeah! It must be much more expensive to maintain the far territories than closer, so countries wichh have normal borders will have better economic. So the bordergore-countries will not survive very long
  19. 1) Minimum army to attack and capture any province must be over 1% of province population. 2) If the nation lost 60% of its population then it should capitulate. 3) sea movements must cost 20-time more expensive than the same number of troops in land (or look at 6 point) 4) assimilation must be much slower (or you can make deportation?) 5) It must be much more expensive to maintain the far territories than those, that closer. So countries wich have normal borders will have better economic, so they will prevail and the bordergore-countries will not survive very long 6)
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