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  1. Thanks, and is there a way to turn the hud off?
  2. So, a school project of mine was to make a fictional map that i need to present to the class, which i did using the game's awesome scenario editor, but my question is, is there a way to export it? I can see the preview.png in the scenario folder, but it's really small, plus screenshotting just gives me a black screen (when it's fullscreen, it just screenshots my desktop). Hope you understand, and i hope i placed this in the right place, thanks in advance!
  3. In this scenario,we have all the USSR republics,ready to destroy each other.Also communist version of Russia is USSR,so just pretend it is Russian Soviet Republic.Scenario review by me: SovietUnion.zip
  4. Jonnes

    1900 Scenario

    EXCUSE ME WHAT THE FUCC!Sorry i guess the map that i was looking at is wrong.Or it is just at a diffrent month,cuz if your history is good,you would know that maps changed really often!
  5. Jonnes

    1946 Scenario

    So yea!Here's my new scenario!1946 scenario!Civil wars in Afghanistan and China,BeNeLux alliance and USSR holds vassals(puppets)of al the eastern European countries.If you want to review this,feel free,just credit my channel-https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFvOvAAYQjdlY6mbUohLCxg?view_as=subscriber and this scenario!NOTE:I couldn't do the flat border in Korea so it is set to be modern.In the middle of making it: 1946.zip
  6. Jonnes

    1900 Scenario

    Sure,just credit my channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFvOvAAYQjdlY6mbUohLCxg?view_as=subscriber and this scenario too(from this link)
  7. Jonnes

    1900 Scenario

    But will it affect other players gamer or just mine???
  8. Jonnes

    1900 Scenario

    Here's My 1900 Scenario (Borders in Asia may not be true)Also ignore the fact that Germany turns to Weimar Republic on the 2nd turn.There are 2 alliances:Balkan Against Ottomans and Triple Alliance 1900.zip
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