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  1. Literally everyone is waiting for you Łukasz, I just hope you didn't mine this game for money and left.

  2. Looking forward to this. FULL SUPPORT.
  3. aijec

    Send Ideas

    WEEBS Literally, just starting from Japan and taking over the god damn world.
  4. aijec


    It 👏 destroys 👏 the 👏 simplicity 👏 of 👏 the 👏 game
  5. I mean, wouldn't this destroy the simplicity of the game ? Resources, aircraft, leaders changing and religion would make this game so complicated. And as everyone knows, this game got attention because of its simplicity. So espacially more resources would destroy the game, at least In my opinion. Would like to hear your answer for this.
  6. aijec


    Also, this game got so much attention because of the simplicity its got, just like SUDAMXX says you should play HOI4, EU4 or CK2 for detailed gameplay about the world wars simulation.
  7. aijec


    The games have "styles" I should call It, like you can't put unicorns into call of duty WW2, can you ?
  8. aijec


    Its a game
  9. aijec

    Dark Theme

    Gosh why didn't I found this earlier, this is incredible. So I was downloading thousands of dark addons for no reason I guess.
  10. You can force the wars by using "declare war on country" option in trade menu. But that's exploiting the game since its broken and every country accepts it instantly.
  11. oof, Isn't it hard to play this on mobile
  12. aijec

    Extrange rebellion

    After some time, most of the provinces automatically increase their Unrest even though there's no war, and also your assimilation drops too. As much as I know, this is meant to be a feature to keep people always assimilating the provinces. So the problem here is, sometimes instead of being "rebels" it instead instantly becomes a independent country without any war because the happiness, unrest and assimilation is low.
  13. Petition to add a god damn dark theme into the forum site. My eyes hurt so bad.
  14. aijec

    HRE And It's Use

    I guess Its just for the show, as a feature. Maybe those countries have better relationships, or they become allies when a war comes up ?
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