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  1. How's the mod going? I'm looking forward to playing this.
  2. I am bumping this thread as well to remind you that the Android version of the game was updated exactly 1 year ago.
  3. It's always good to have hopes man. Some have quit the forum and modding, and perhaps uninstalled the game due to lack of updates on both platforms. Perhaps he's working on the iOS version, but we'll see about it.
  4. It shouldn't be just an event! We should be able to construct buildings using a variation of the map editor as well!
  5. Now that's what I'm talking about.
  6. I've already spoken about capitulation on a different thread which has the same topic So here's my edit or let's say, comments on your suggestions I've already spoken about capitulation on a different thread which has the same topic So here's my edit or let's say, comments on your suggestions 1-) It shouldn't be, “A is outnumbering B so the province becomes under his control now.” The current system is perfectly fine. 1.1-) When attacking alongside your allies not all of your units should be dead if you have the lesser numbers. 3-) It would make the player run out of movement points, they are perfectly fine the way they currently are. 4-) There's no need for assimilation to be slower. It already takes a good amount of time, and sometimes you need to assimilate a province again. 5-) That feature is already in the game, except your idea is non-existent. To fix border-gore the AI needs to be perhaps rewritten entirely to focus on SPs which I have mentioned in the thread about capitulation. Losing the territory you gained shouldn't depend on the distance to the capital of your country. If you want to make something like that you can release a vassal like I am currently doing. 6-) I can talk about unit types for hours but because it most likely will not be implemented in the game, I'm going to say something for the first time here. Unit types should have been varied from the start. Tanks, paratroopers, artillery, infantry, aerial, and naval. Recruitment of some of them should take longer than regular infantry. A balanced amount of units give low casualties, while an unbalanced one gives a lot. The units have different sprites/icons and modifies the strength of the army in the province both for offensive and defensive. Same thing applies for naval units. But the difference is that they can only be recruited if the province bordering a sea province has a port. 7-) That already happens. You lose supplies and you lose defensive strength if you get encircled. 100 vs 1000, they would eventually get outnumbered then die out if they got attacked. Should be a more balanced number, and the number of casualties should also depend on the technology level. What do you think?
  7. Read my comment above, because I think a silent minority or maybe it's a majority agrees with my idea. Once you get all of the provinces needed to get your war score above the number needed for the capitulation of the country, you occupy/annex all of their provinces, and it gives you a notification. Let me make another example which I'm gonna try and make it more specific. Country A has 100 provinces at the beginning of the game. The values of all of his provinces are below the limit, so the AI selects provinces, and then starts building farms, fortresses, workshops, makes more and more investments, making the province value raise up, and getting it above the limit, making it count as a province which gives you a war score if you go to war with the country. (Will be called SP from now on.) And then there's Country B, and it does the same. These two countries used to hate each other, so they say, “why not declare war?” and so it happens. Country B makes good progress. The defending side focuses on protecting its SPs, so as you get closer to them you give more casualties. After a while, Country B takes the SPs, getting his war score above the limit, which is calculated by how many SPs the country has. This results in the capitulation of Country A, and Country B instantly occupies/annexes the provinces of Country A. Is this good or would you like for me to elaborate more on it?
  8. You can say ‘hi’ to the console, and then select a province of your vassal, and then type ‘addplayer’ into the console.
  9. I think it should be based on the value of the province captured. Anything below the selected value (the number) won't give the player war score. This is also going to increase the activity of the AI; by having it build castles, farms, making investments to increase the province value. If the player gets a war score above the determined value, the country will capitulate, having the winning side instantly occupy/annex the remaining provinces of the losing side. The determined value is calculated by how many provinces are above the selected province value. A simple explanation would be like this: Country A has 214 provinces. Including the capital, he has 26 provinces above the value of 7. Country B declares war, and after some time he occupies all 26 provinces above the aforementioned value, resulting in the capitulation of Country A.
  10. Exactly. That's why the capitulation feature will help the players. But the players, I think, should have the option to turn it on and off.
  11. Although you can do capitulations using the event editor, you're eventually gonna get tired of making one for each scenario in the game. Good idea, nonetheless.
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