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  1. Is this at the civilizations editor folder? I just found some random flags there
  2. I want to use a flag i made in Photoshop in a civilization I created in the game, but I can't find where it is. I know how to view the game's files and the common civilization, I just can't find where is the civilization I created.
  3. Just click in the name of the province in the bottom right, but it will just change for that game. (I don't know if it also works like this is PC)
  4. I'm playing as Umayyad in a modified scenario and the Byzatine Empire is funding rebels in my country, so I'm having a revolution every two turns and it's completely out of hand cause I can't get money enough to attack the Byzantine Empire.
  5. In some cities, the economy is stuck in 99, and no matter how much I invest in it, it doesn't grow
  6. For some reason, now my relationship with every country (with some exceptions) in the world is 0 even though I send them insults or diplomats, so I can't neither send someone an ultimatum nor make an alliance. Maybe the fact that I reunited the roman empire in the 9th century and no one in europe can defeat me has something to do with this.
  7. A rebel country is invading me (but it's not a revolution against my country), and when I try to attack it, it steal the troops I used in the attack, and it also doesn't accept any peace treaty, so, it's impossible to finish this war. What can I do?
  8. I'm playing with Bohemia and I'm now the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, but I don't know what should I do about it
  9. You can go to Map Editor/Formable civilizations, and create a country with the provinces you have, and put another flag, then just form this civilization in your game
  10. I created a fictional country, but now i want to change it's flag, and i don't want to start it again, how can i do it?
  11. After unifying japan in the 1440 scenario, i was trying to form the japanese empire, but i got some other territories and the option to form that disapeared, what can i do now?
  12. I want to make a country that i can use to create another one in the future, just like forming Soviet union from the Russian Empire
  13. I've made a union with a country that i created and Indonesia, but now the flag of this country is horrible. Is there some way to change it?
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