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  1. i especially like your suggestion about building, i played as oda and got a lot of money, but i was discouraged to use it cause i was going to have to click every single province 3 times which makes it a pain and discourages you from doing that
  2. yes let's say we take an area like tunisia, in all of the farmable land you could make farms, gafsa could have iron, and remada could have oil and every time you upgrade your farm or iron or oil drill you get ore ressources
  3. jozeph123


    so you know you can create unions in the game, i would like to know how would you know if your friend that you're uniting with will accept? for example i played as oda and conquered most of japan and united with hosokawa, i have 100 relations with date and when i send him a union request they refuse, i don't know if this is a bug or just how the game is
  4. jozeph123


    so i have this pretty good suggestion in my opinion, which is to add ressources, 3 probably, food (produced from farms and tier 1 farm produce 10000 and tier 2 200000 and so on and so on untill level 10) making it like that would make farms actually usefull, so that if you have 20 000 food in a 16 000 pop province you would have a surplus of 4 000 to bring to other provinces, and you can trade food with other nations and that could also be to iron and oil (oil should only be unlocked in the 20th century) let's say you're in tunis and you're going to trade with djerid, they have the only iron mine near you but they don't make food, you could either trade food with them in exchange for iron or let them all die of starvation, (if you have 20 000 food output in your entire nation and you have 40 000 population your pop will decrease untill it reaches 20 000) iron could provide bonuses to military and maybe to civilians and oil to military and civilians that's my suggestion tell my what you think
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