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  1. No futuro, será mais fácil adicionar / editar uma província? o caminho atual é muito complicado
  2. sistemas de eleição na república, democracia e talvez comunismo e sucessão ao trono nas monarquias seria uma boa idéia, certo?
  3. it would not be interesting have mineral resources and in the construction wing have the factories?
  4. I got it, thanks 🙂
  5. probably should be the update of the game, since the right folder would be the "update" to put files from the provinces right?
  6. ageofpartan

    map editor

    I do not know what to say, but my game keeps closing. I can not put my provinces in the game. ;-;
  7. vaccines against diseases would be great. and cancer does not spread so fast even because it is not contagious
  8. 2019 .... New end dates of the world !!!!!

    1. Shiite


      Mortals cannot predict the end of the world. The only one who knows that is our lord and savior.....



  9. note that there is a small mistake on the border of Alaska and Canada but nothing serious
  10. put brush mode for buildings,would make it much easier :)
  11. only missing by Liechtenstein ;)
  12. Is not there an easier way to do this?
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