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  1. A more simple aproach could be Infantry Cavalry Ranged Infantry (Archers slinger musketmen etc) Elephants/Tanks Transport Ships Light Ships Heavy Ships
  2. Because he is gonna use his time making AOC3
  3. Yeah AOC2 wont have any more updates, and i dont expect AOC3 is gonna release in some years
  4. I see a more detailed military like -Light Infantry -Medium Infantry -Heavy Infantry -Elite Infantry -Archers -Slingers -Skirmishers (Javelin Throwers, Atlatl) -Light Cavalry -Ranged Cavalry -Chariot Cavalry -Heavy Cavalry -Ultra Heavy Cavalry (Tanks, Elephants) -Heavy Ships (Hexaremes, Dreadnoughts etc) Medium Ships (Triremes, Destroyers etc) -Light Ships (Biremes, Torpedo Boats etc) -Transport Ships -Siege Equipment
  5. 1: Why are you gay? 2: Who Killed Captain Alex? 3: Do you like Uganda? 4: when can we collab? lol 5: whaddya think of lukasz and aoc3? 6: do you have a positive view of me? 7: do you think ill ever complete my mod? 8: what is the historical period you like the most? 9: is hardbass da best of da best movies? 10: is wakaliwood really "da best of da best movies"? ik that half of these are memes but please answer
  6. Es en el lugar donde sale una paloma, ahi sale vasallos, y eso es todo
  7. Diego

    Roma Invicta

    Hey, we could colaborate on making a good ancient mod, whaddya think
  8. May rename it to project imperator as project imperator is dead now and it fits better for this
  9. Kinda, it is dead until my computer is fixed again
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