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  1. an extremely detailed map projection
  2. Heyy guys its me, tha delay boi this is a mod to bring the mbam map with a whole lot of provs into aoc2 (i wont call it aoh2) its based on a downsized version of the very popular MBAM map uhh well then just support this please
  3. A GREAT MOD FROM ME!! THE GREAT DIEGO I DE PERSIA!! VENI VIDI VICI, a mod designed to bring the Imperator: Rome experience to Ages of History. PLANNED FEATURES all of the imperator civilizations (some hundred, maybe a thousand) New leaders!! around 8-9,000 provinces Improved UI JOIN THE DISCORD: https://discord.gg/hymrDTj LANGUAGES at the moment only Spanish and English translations are planned, if you want your language to be added, join the discord to apply PLANNED MAPS Base Imperator EU4 map Omniluxia The Bronze A
  4. no, in the language-civilizations folder
  5. you have to go into languages, find the tag of your nation then do it like this (do it in the language you want) if you want for example communist abkhazia, put it like this abk = Abkhazia abk_c = Socialist Republic of Abkhazia abk_f = Greater Abkhazian Empire abk_m = Kingdom of Abkhazia
  6. heyy we could collab im the imperator mod dev btw
  7. estaria bueno intentar hacer un equipo hispanohablante como los de aoc2moddingtr pero hispano
  8. i understand, i had this same problem with my mod earlier this year
  9. dont worry take a break, or make something you really want to do
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