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  1. Bro, cual map editor estas usando? Porque con el Map Editor 2.0 es mucho mas rapido
  2. The mod has come to an indefinite stop, ad the laptop i was making it on has stopped working
  3. Diego

    More Provinces

    very cool mate/muy cool mi pana
  4. that map is the gladio et sale map, it will be the second map made
  5. its pretty basic but the problem are the sea provinces
  6. there is none of what you are asking for
  7. there is no province searcher if thats what you are asking
  8. Diego


    we entiendo cirilico
  9. Diego


    watafak mi pana no me llames asi
  10. Diego


    slavic slavery
  11. A GREAT MOD FROM ME!! THE GREAT PAPYRUS DIEGO I DE PERSIA!! Tales of the Ancients, a mod designed to bring the good of the Imperator: Rome experience to Age of Civilizations. Today i am advertising the second playable version i have made PROVINCES COMPLETED: 908/unknown PLANNED FEATURES Over 200 civs over 30 rivers i think NEW LEADERS!! Better than the base map Improved UI PLANNED MAPS Base Imperator Omniluxia The Bronze Age Gladio et Sale Greater Earth Project Earth GOVERNMENTS Democratic Republic Aristocratic Republic Oligarchic Republic Plutocratic Republic Theocratic Republic Athenian Republic Autocratic Monarchy Aristocratic Monarchy Stratocratic Monarchy Theocratic Monarchy Plutocratic Monarchy Dictatorship Empire Imperial Cult Migratory Tribe Settled Tribe Federated Tribe PLANNED SCENARIOS (for the imperator base map) Imperator (just the base map, no events) Imperator+ (base map + events) The Bronze Age Gladio Et Sale Light 559 BC 1204 Pyrrhic War First Punic War Second Punic War Caesar's Civil War Alexander's Campaigns Modern Day?? CREDITS: The amazing people at the mod teams that let me recreate their mods in this game Gladio Et Sale mod team Omniluxia mod team Bronze Age mod team A Broken World mod team PICTURES:
  12. This is a map that brings Afghanistan to age of Civilizations 2, it Link:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1c3TNhTxF2DNyIP6ySiu43nj2F4jDY0HD/view?usp=sharing Added Islamism and Dictatorship as ideologies All Provinces have been added as civilizations, along with the islamic state and the taliban These are the scenarios: 2020 2015 2011 1997 1984 Afghan Civil War Provinces of Afghanistan
  13. Diego

    Can ai colonize?

  14. Diego

    110 BC map WW2 MAP

    it is but dont say it like that
  15. Diego

    110 BC map WW2 MAP

    dont say it that bluntly
  16. es buena para la edad de colonizacion y moderna, pero no muy buena para lo medieval y antiguo
  17. Epirus controls the west half of Sicily, its ancient territory and the southernmost provinces of italy
  18. Carthage controls all the land in its wikipedia page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ancient_Carthage
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