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  1. i will make it as a separate app if possible
  2. heyy we could collab im the imperator mod dev btw
  3. I mean i need to do the whole game as --- cause i dont know how to even get into files in phone
  4. had to restart again provs might release very smol versions, like just one region at a time
  5. yeah i dunno how to do that other way
  6. alright update time (this will be edited later for the adding of the download link) Alpha 1.0 "Italia Update" DISCORD: https://discord.gg/hymrDTj FEATURES: some provinces for the region of Italia 64 new countries most notable of which are: Carthage, Rome, Etruria, the Samnites, Syracuse, Epirus etc new government types new UI PICTURES: imperator Governments.json
  7. estaria bueno intentar hacer un equipo hispanohablante como los de aoc2moddingtr pero hispano
  8. i understand, i had this same problem with my mod earlier this year
  9. dont worry take a break, or make something you really want to do
  10. could we, as modders agree to create a tag for completed/downloadable mods?. cause it would help players to be able to know which mods they can actually use without having to go one by one
  11. i can help ya with mobile, do ya have discord?
  12. had to restart due to updates but i already made a discord and everything
  13. Diego

    Bycie Cesarzem

    happened to me in a game as bavaria, i became emperor and mecklenburg, whom i was not allied or had any relation attempts with, showed their army somehow
  14. Diego

    Bycie Cesarzem

    Not true, when you are emperor you are more likely to have civs like you and show army
  15. Diego

    Mapmaking Crashes

    Might just be that you had an empty province, that was the reason i had to restart progress on me mod back in March
  16. Mobile may be supported
  17. A more simple aproach could be Infantry Cavalry Ranged Infantry (Archers slinger musketmen etc) Elephants/Tanks Transport Ships Light Ships Heavy Ships
  18. Because he is gonna use his time making AOC3
  19. Yeah AOC2 wont have any more updates, and i dont expect AOC3 is gonna release in some years
  20. I see a more detailed military like -Light Infantry -Medium Infantry -Heavy Infantry -Elite Infantry -Archers -Slingers -Skirmishers (Javelin Throwers, Atlatl) -Light Cavalry -Ranged Cavalry -Chariot Cavalry -Heavy Cavalry -Ultra Heavy Cavalry (Tanks, Elephants) -Heavy Ships (Hexaremes, Dreadnoughts etc) Medium Ships (Triremes, Destroyers etc) -Light Ships (Biremes, Torpedo Boats etc) -Transport Ships -Siege Equipment
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