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  1. What does no even mean from that context?
  2. I didnt talk in russian. Heck i dont even know any other language but english.
  3. Really man really. Advertising your forum post?
  4. Crashes when trying to load the map. I got 9 provinces so far. Everything seems ok but it crashes it every time
  5. For me without it making the editor unaccesable
  6. I'd also like hospitals too. Sooo 😛
  7. Will you be adding a Ideology editor?
  8. Caesarist. The Ideology based on roman ideals.(Fictional by the way.) The American Military Dictator Douglas Mac Arthur, after he took over the american government in WW1 founded such an ideology. He claimed to be new Roman Emperor, claiming that United States was the 4th Roman Empire. He made sure that nobody could stand in his way. By weakening the japanese, creating a loyal china, and asserting dominance over the Americas. Though his regime seems strong. The nation a whole is very unstable, anything could topple his regime. What really happened in ww1? Well to put it forward. United Sta
  9. Would be fun to have online multiplayer. Many people already really want it, and would up the replayability of the game.
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