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  1. I know the scenario is 2017, but they are the new governors of this year. I had never did a mod before,i took all images of google images. You found a really good photo.
  2. Não tem o bolso porque ele é presidente e não governador de estado.
  3. Hey guys this is my first mod, have all 26 governors of Brazil! To install you have to drop "leaders" and "leadersIMG" inside the files of the game: Age of Civilizations II\game\leaders Age of Civilizations II\game\leadersIMG ´Please give me a feedback. Ps: sorry for bad english governors_brazil.zip ______________________________________________________________________________________ Eai galera esse é o meu primeiro mod tem todos os governadores do Brasil Para instalar você tem que colocar "leaders" e "leadersIMG dentro dos arquivos do jogo:
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