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  1. MoscowSuchAWonderfulPlace

    Empires in game

    It doesn't, you can just vote for someone to become emperor and that's it.
  2. MoscowSuchAWonderfulPlace

    How to upload Mod? Please Answer

    To upload in mediafire, just create an account and click the upload button, then select your mod's files (I recommend putting it in a zip archive) Then, you can start a new topic in here : http://www.ageofcivilizationsgame.com/forum/95-mods/ providing the download link and information about your mod.
  3. MoscowSuchAWonderfulPlace

    Add Airplanes

    We already have ground units so why not airplanes? Make them unlocked after reaching a certain age and with a high level of technology, you can build them but they're very expensive and can break easily in battle, you need an Airport building to construct and store your planes, you can then select them and choose a province to either defend it (gives a defense bonus to your ground units) or attack it (gives an attack bonus to your ground units), they would mainly be used for support, and the more planes you have the higher the bonus is, but there's a limit of how many planes can be in a certain province, and if there are enemy planes in the province your planes are, then the bonuses will be lowered and the planes will engage in battle.
  4. MoscowSuchAWonderfulPlace

    North Korea and South Korea map

    Interesting, will there be events for other countries too, like the Soviet Union or U.S.A?
  5. MoscowSuchAWonderfulPlace

    The moderworld

    Sure. http://www.mediafire.com/file/k3331a4vwxa331e/modernworld.rar/file
  6. MoscowSuchAWonderfulPlace


  7. MoscowSuchAWonderfulPlace

    The World

    what the fr*ck
  8. MoscowSuchAWonderfulPlace

    Tiny World War 2

    Tiny World War 2 is a WW2 scenario made in the tiny Earth map, it also features a special event (Spanish Civil War). [DOWNLOAD] http://www.mediafire.com/file/ovoj32ilsiphnb6/TinyWorldWarTwo.rar/file In case you don't know how to get this scenario in your game, there's a read me telling you everything you need to know
  9. MoscowSuchAWonderfulPlace

    "Age of Colonization 2"

    And if they could get independence that would be cool too
  10. Lukasz I'm a big fan

    1. RaeClure


      ему если что как-то похуй


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      im sorry i dont understand that language

    3. SUDAMXX


      Google translate.

  11. MoscowSuchAWonderfulPlace

    Giant France

    Giant France? Do you mean T H I C C France?
  12. MoscowSuchAWonderfulPlace

    Battle of Stalingrad [1942 Scenario]

    Cool scenario!
  13. MoscowSuchAWonderfulPlace

    Not caompatable with my device

    Hey Gylala! I love your videos!
  14. MoscowSuchAWonderfulPlace

    Can colonies get independence?

    If so, how?
  15. MoscowSuchAWonderfulPlace

    My personal opinion

    Yeah, the game's A.I. needs to be fixed, I made a post about this too, where I suggested a system where a country will follow a generated pattern based on ideology, money, army, provinces, and will have a higher chance of creating alliances, mainly with countries who follow a similar pattern to theirs, for example, a fascist country will generally want to get more land, if there is another fascist country, who follows that same pattern, are strong and have close territory to the other fascist, then they will form an alliance (or just a non-aggression pact.)