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  1. The capital of West Germany was Bonn, close to Koln.
  2. One thing is Chancellor and another thing is Reich. The Chancellor is not a dictator what the fuck do you mean? Do you know at least the difference between them?
  3. Honestly, I don't care that minimum characteristic of the game.
  4. I would say the same about you for not understanding.
  5. If is dead go out then ­čśë
  6. Nice! But is not working xD. You didn't put the .json with the updated information about the maps, and when I did it, is not working. Fix it!. It seems very good to be broken!
  7. Allies in this game are shit. When you make an alliance with somebody, they start to declare war on everyone. Is better not having any and depend of yourself, that you're going to do it better than him.
  8. Compared with 5 months ago is nothing.
  9. The capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina is correct, because Tuzla is in the same province as Sarajevo, but then, the city that is shown is Tuzla idk why. The Albanian one is wrong, yes, but you can simply change it in the scenario studio ­čśĆ.@Salih Seferovic
  10. Hola, yo me un├ş a este consejo el 5 de Mayo, pero realmente no he visto que se hagan muchas cosas, solo intentos de comunicaci├│n al creador del juego, donde todas ellas han sido fallidas., aunque tampoco he entrado mucho a ver, ya que hay demasiados mensajes y no me voy a parar a leerlos todos. Yo he estado pensando en el tema del consejo y sobre la candidatura y he pensado: - Pero si no haces na siendo presi... Por eso os pregunto, para qu├ę sirve ser el Presidente del Consejo y que prestigio y permiso te da serlo? Dependiendo de lo que se pueda hacer, puede ser que me lo piense o no el hacer mi candidatura a la Presidencia del Consejo.
  11. Not working. I launch the game, stays in black, sound the music for 2 seconds and it quits on its own. Dissapointing being installing the carpets for 20 minutes and then this. Any solution? @Reich
  12. Frio

    Holy Romanian Empire

    From the game folders, but I'm trying to find it and I can't.
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