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  1. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fXu-IbIKpHuPGeViMnwCFch9hS6WbLTU/view
  2. finally I figured out how to make a port to android. I will post the final version soon
  3. who knows how to transfer the game to android, I do not know how to do it I will be grateful!
  4. how funny you are, you allowed it yourself. Then you accuse me. I even made concessions to you
  5. ahahahaah. How funny you are. That man said the truth after all. I made concessions. And I redo the mod. Calm down pzh.
  6. not true. you gave me permission to do this. And there will be a reboot where there will be uniqueness...
  7. Hello everyone, everyone who needs something, then I gave it. Due to some events on the one hand, I will have to delete the community. But I can keep it if you return all the things that gave us Lucas. The mod will live officially under the guise of vanilla aoсi. With new scenarios ok?
  8. the map and scenarios from the addon will be removed. A compromise was made.
  9. I made a mod for myself, did not expect that someone would notice it. In general, I cannot consider myself a thief who allegedly stole the mod because I already said why I decided so. I'll post the version. And you can download it ...
  10. thank someone but this update from me was the last one. Maybe someone can do better. But I'm tired of fighting with someone. I'll post the version. I will not consider myself a modder. And the campaign was all in vain. Who knows how to make mods, I can transfer the rights. I'm tired of hearing this criticism ...
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