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  1. There are two types. One is from occupations. The other is from annexations. The solution to occupations is to fix combat.
  2. Border gore would be partially fixed by more realistically dealing with encirclements. Also by making completely-disconnected areas suffer from rebelious tendencies.
  3. There should be automatic international trade occurring in the background and making enemies reduces this. Trade would exchange worker productivity of one country for money, goods (the goods bar) investment (investment bar) and tech (you guessed it). Of course if jt's set up right, colonial-like trade relations will form and setting up tariffs and whatnot should be met with military force if there's no disadvantage to the aggressor and they're easily capable of winning. Favorable trading terms and opening of markets should be a concession you can demand in war.
  4. Since running your country's economy is a significant factor in the game, and there are several different types of goverments and economies modeled, running a private capitalist economy should be more like encouraging the market to do what you want for you. A socialist state should earn most of its income from sales of the products of state-owned industry to consumers and also taxes if necessary. (E.g. under market socialism in Yugoslavia) Also interest groups like business owners, workers, the military, voters, the media, etc should be pro-goverment or antigoverment and take action based
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