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  1. I havent posted for a Long time but now that im back im announcing the soon to come 1920s Map + Events for the mod It will be promoted on our youtube channel as soon as we've wrapped up making the map
  2. ill let you decide aslong as it fits with the mod because i really dont have a good idea
  3. Work on the Mod will be continued as of this month to rework Events and some of the Maps I hope that I can get the mod to a newer more appropriate standard -Gisin
  4. yes I'm but since I'm looking for help with the UI its goin' slow
  5. I Understand that there are Similar Works out here but this is the oldest Endsieg mod on the Plattform since work on this had begun on the release date of AoCII. I hope you like it though it has not met my expectations If someone is willing to help make a few things like a title screen for the mod I would greatly appreciate that that person will, of course, get Credit for their contribution to the mod.
  6. Since the File is Pretty Big ill post a link here for you to Download the mod from I'm sorry for my recent inactivity but it has× been a hard time for me. Features: Includes Custom Soundtrack 8 scenarios Own Logo Custom Events And download Instructions For those Interested we have a Youtube Channel where we will post an overview of the Mod, we will also keep updating the mod on a 2 week basis from now on since its not really as finished as I would like it to be If you have suggestions on what to add Just tell me and I'll be sure to fix your problems in the next Update for the mod. Download Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-WFTK-FJ2uya1fDDxDgHZKRXrPBfY-Y_?usp=sharing Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69NGu8mp0II DISCLAIMER!!!!!! ALOT OF THE PICTURES HERE ARE PRETTY OLD AND DONT FULLY REPRESENT THE MOD AT ITS CURRENT STAGE
  7. gisin


    Shouldn't the Soviet Union be renamed to Soviet Russia seeing as it is just that
  8. well here is an examble then
  9. This is a mod that was needed
  10. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3BPxhklassE-P0OHfL9Klg
  11. We had one planned but we still don't really know since a few events got bugged and need to get fixed in the meantime take a look at our youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3BPxhklassE-P0OHfL9Klg
  12. The Endsieg mod is based of the similarly called HoI IV mod Development for the AoC II one Started with Game ReleaseUpdate Updates: 22nd of November 2018 -1945 Scenario has been added 10th of December 2018 -1941 Scenario has been added -Events have been added 20th of December 2018 -all scenarios have been finished with Events -a Trailer has been put on the Official Youtube channel 1st of January 2018 -4 Songs have been added and a new font 11th of January 2018 -8 more songs have been added Lately, the development effort has been carried by others but the future seems bright and we hope for the best for this mod. P.S.: I couldn't add a video cause they were too big
  13. The one thing i dislike is you got the german occupation borders wrong france got to much land
  14. For those interested Warmaster Made a video review the map
  15. We are trying to release it with steam workshop though an Android Version is in the works this will most likely come out end of January
  16. Currently W.I.P. We added Custom Music 10 Custom Scenarios over 40events currently there are no existing files. Heres the link to the official trailer.
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