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  1. send me there I can handle it
  2. that they are instead of putting only one of those I like all at once in a single scenario
  3. is yes it can be, if I can put it since I'm a little busy with the new scenario / Spoiler: War hot
  4. Mais roubaram e roubaram mais que os Portugueses
  5. I can not say but he has a good relationship with the United States and Canada and he has always been very friendly to Germany and so much that he helped the German empire a little in the First World War (financially he never entered for entente or for the axis)
  6. The United Kingdom started the British colonization of America starting the Anglo-Spanish War, Unlike the events that occurred in real life the UK wins the war and within one of the terms was an amount of gold that UNiao Iberica did not have, gold promised was settled for the United Kingdom the Brazilian territories and Caribbean colonized by Spain and Portugal. This treaty was known as the treaty of Madrid and Lisbon which caused a the economic and political crisis in the Iberian Union, Brazil cultural and economic change that became known as of the Portuguese language for The English Lengua
  7. hey please send ideas of scenarios for me to do, they can be the craziest possible or the most realistic just need to give some details
  8. Hey, if you want, you can send scenario ideas for me to do.
  9. THE NEXT SCENARIO IS A DESIRE OF BRAZILIANS AND IF BRAZIL WERE COLONIZED BY THE UNITED KINGDOM O proximo cenário é um desejo dos Brasileiros, e se o Brasil fosse colonizado pelo Reino Unido
  10. The United States never struck nuclear bombs in Japanese cities then the Pacific War spread until 1946 with the Soviet Union invading the northern part of the country and the United States invading the South of the country. Then in 1947, North Japan is created in the Communist model and South Japan (Japan) in Republica model on the South side. Then, in 1949, North Korea and North 1950 war explodes from Korea and the next day North Japan declares war in South Japan (Japan) ... (VERSAO BRASIL) II Estados Unidos nunca tacou as bombas nucleares nas cidades japonesas
  11. Hey, somebody from the help with idea of scenery for me to do. ei alguém da ajuda com ideia de cenario para eu fazer
  12. India joins Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Butao Myanmar and saw India Sultanate that quickly make alliance with Brazil and China and forming the BIC. Servia invades Kosovo. North Korea declares war on the BIC and the United States, but the BIC does not care. Meanwhile the Monarchy is restored in Brazil with the return of the Monarchy, the Acre (a Brazilian state) declares independence by turning the pre-historic Empire. Empire of Brazil declares war on Portugual. The United States forces Brazil to declare war on North Korea, China does not like what Brazil did then b
  13. this scenario is still being done if you want can give me some suggestion of parents if you want send me the flag that I put in the country if you want help me thanks
  14. Do you want me to put it right?(sorry for a bug there)
  15. esse cenário é o mesmo cenário de sempre mais com algumas mudanças como novos tipos de governo e a alemanha nazista com a bandeira certa World War 2.rar
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