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  1. A possible mode, which enables players to play as groups/companies/parties, which have a different mechanic (much like current feature of being able to play for rebels). It would be interesting to play as a church, specifically as an intergovernmental organisation, not only limited to some monasteries and territory of direct influence (like Papal States in Medieval Era) or an itsy-bitsy province inside a city (like Vatican in Modern Era). It would be a qualitative change, so it should be implemented only after some overhauls and changes are made with economy and diplomacy, especially the inter
  2. Zachyllo

    Civil War

    And what about a capital rebellion?
  3. As of now, to create a completely new scenario you have to spend a long time creating civilisations in a specific editor, then adding them into the game etc etc. I do not criticise the way it is executed, but it would be much easier if we could create civilisations directly when designing a scenario. Among the new features should be: a rework of civilisation creation feature, especially the flag creator and name creator; options for unitary, federal and confederal structure (in continuation of my latter suggestion); ability to create dual countries and unify two (or more) al
  4. Monarchy and City-state After the starting moment of a scenario, the leader ages and then has children, which can be historical, or not. If historical, it could be taken from the wikipedia, if not — from a bank of specific nation's names, which fit in. Apart from that, throne could be inherited based on the primogeniture (or else) law. So that the monarch has a pool of kids, from which, using an algorithm, a future leader is chosen. Player can also host a coup, establishing a tyrant or someone else as the monarch, and... it may possibly be a leader of another country, although, in t
  5. It would be interesting to see a more developed mechanism of administrative organisation of countries. It should be enabled to: enact decisions on the composition, mainly between the unitary state and federal state. establish new territorial divisions, which should lessen the effect of "distance from capital" and ease the administration costs. disestablish new territorial divisions to strengthen the structure of state and ponder on the subject of local autonomies establish autonomies, which, when watched on the political map, spot a different colour, but are included wi
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