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    VelvetRose24 reacted to Shehab666 in Stronger Rebels, Lower Assimilation.   
    Imagine Countrywide Revolutions, in Colonies and Conquered Lands, That End up creating either vassals if you win or a new country if you lose?
    before you tell me "it's already in the game!" I know, I'm not as dumb as I look, but seriously, rebels are weak and don't create anything stable, the only time I lost to rebels was a tiny revolution in Florence, it created the country of Florence back but, maybe there could be civil wars, and assimilation is also very strong, it can wipe out a whole ethnic majority if you focus on it, Personally I think assimilating a province should be not converting the locals (OK fine i know this was hard on you Lukas.) or just a little bit of converting, but most of the conversion of locals happens through time, and only stabilizing a province, armies on a province could do the same thing with unrest instead of you crushing rebellions before they even start, and if you win, instead of re-annexing that land it should be a vassal, like maybe instead of be winning a Granadian rebellion then they would become a vassal, that is on the same level with your name similar to Eu 4 (Castilian Granada) and this opens up a whole new area that I think deserves a post of itself, but anyways rebellions could also happen in colonies, like that 50% neutral population could form a new civilization, now this part i thing Lukas can do, colonial independent civilizations like maybe New Something depending on their name, once again this deserves a post of its own, and now for my main point, rebellions should be harder to beat, maybe they could be like i said civil wars to change the ideology and if they win it wouldn't be game over, you'd continue as the other ideology and can't change it for a while maybe, this could be extended further as you can try to change the ideology before the time limit and you have to fight your own civil war.
    Again all of these are suggestions they don't necessarily need to be added as these would make the game more complex that it's original shape but this is my first chance to be part of an effective and supportive community so I'll try to give as much suggestions as I can.
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    VelvetRose24 reacted to SavingPrivateRyansPrivates in Grand Empowerment Pact   
    yeah, pump up the AI aggressiveness, turn on Total War, sit back, relax, and watch as everything burns
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    VelvetRose24 got a reaction from Dezi in Football War   
    10/10 best scenario
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    VelvetRose24 got a reaction from Dezi in Grand Empowerment Pact   
    Scenario 1: Dominion of Japan

    Total war breaks out, and the alliance proved to be a huge success. Enemy nations trampled under the power of the alliance, and the alliance's biggest rivals usually found themselves to end up as vassals of the countries in the Grand Empowerment Pact. Australia, Great Britain, Philippines, and Japan managed to keep the war out of their homeland, while Austria-Hungary fiercely defended their capitals from enemy invasions from all angles, which soon led to Austria-Hungary empowering Europe after military assistance from their allies arrived to quell their enemies. Philippines proved that they weren't the weak country everyone (including themselves) thought out to be, as they played a key role in helping Japan push back China once China declared war on Japan. 

    Japan, however, proved themselves to be the strongest nation in the alliance. After a decade, Japan managed to take almost all of the Soviet Union's provinces, ruled west Asia, and dominated Africa, thus propelling them to be the world's most powerful country. Japan's power did indeed concern their allies, which feared that Japan would leave the alliance and soon declare war on them. 

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    VelvetRose24 got a reaction from Dezi in Grand Empowerment Pact   
    (Made by me and some friends on Discord)

    It's the Near Future. The Second Russian Revolution happened, and once again, the USSR has been formed. The United Kingdom has appointed a new leader, and he shockingly reforms the entire country into a communist state, while keeping the Royal Family. Having a desire of expanding the new British Communist Empire, he talks with the leader of Japan, who turns into Imperial Japan again to prevent conflicts from other countries, after diplomatic relations are turning sour between them, and China and North Korea (however the Imperial Japan title is just a "cover" as they're still technically Democratic), on forming an alliance. Japan's new leader personally knew Great Britain's new leader, and she was happy to join Great Britain in an alliance. Great Britain and Japan are still looking for countries to join their alliance to become world powers together, so Japan looks to the country they have good relations with, Philippines. Not exactly the best choice, but Japan knows what they're getting with Philippines, as the Philippines has grown tired of being a corrupt country with their extremely poor and inconsistent HDI ranking. A rebellion leads to a new Philippine administration that miraculously manage to turn the country around and help the economy grow once again. Despite the growth, Philippines asks Japan for help, and Japan responded positively, but in the condition that Philippines must join their alliance with Great Britain and must aid then in case war breaks out. The Philippines reluctantly agrees, thereby joining the alliance. Australia, who had great relations with Philippines, accepts the call when the Philippines invited Australia to the alliance under the orders of Great Britain's leader. Austria's new leader invades Hungary, and restores Austria-Hungary, and soon developed the restored empire into a world power. This caught the eye of the alliance's leader, and they soon asked the Austro-Hungarians to join the growing alliance as well. Austria-Hungary joined, but not after Great Britain promised to help them in case a neighbouring country attacked. With the alliance now having 5 members, Great Britain, Japan, Philippines, Australia, and Austria-Hungary, the Grand Empowerment Pact look to achieve world dominance.

    This is me and my friends' first fictional story, which I'm turning into a AoC scenario. It's to be continued, but what do you all think?

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    VelvetRose24 reacted to Ramiro007 in Is Lukasz really going to implement all our suggestions for the game?   
    I suppose he will select the best suggestions or the ones that go well with the game
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    VelvetRose24 reacted to Łukasz Jakowski in Footage of 17 units stationed in a base   
    Footage of 17 units stationed in a base after being recruited (2018 colorised)

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    VelvetRose24 got a reaction from darthhitler_4324 in New forum - Ideas!   
    Maybe have a place in the forum for In-Game screenshot sharing?

    Or maybe sooner or later we can have, like, a Discord server for Age of Civilizations 2?
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    VelvetRose24 reacted to enexpi in Ultra Shattered Earth mod - USE mod -Scenario by Angel/eNeXPi   
    MOD-SCENARIO in progress

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    VelvetRose24 reacted to Fun in 2 words. Online Multiplayer.   
    Would be fun to have online multiplayer. Many people already really want it, and would up the replayability of the game.
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    VelvetRose24 reacted to rainbowdashfanboi1984 in Grand Empowerment Pact   
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    VelvetRose24 reacted to Shiite in German nations are the best targets   
    in 1914 and 1939 they weren't
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    VelvetRose24 reacted to Shiite in Minecraft or Fortnite?   
    Time for a survey! react like to vote for minecraft, sad for Fortnite, and Confused for Ck2, and haha for AoC2!
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    VelvetRose24 reacted to Dulmassia in Persepolis Lore (Complete history )   
    This is my main lore story, it's between 2018 and 29th century.
    here you will get complete history ( via videos also ) : 
    This wikia content few features from my lore, understanding ideologies :
    If you want to participe to my project, tell me.It will be generous
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    VelvetRose24 reacted to Delinard in Early Middle Ages 769 A.D   
    Welcome to the Dark Ages! Will you be able to survive in this troublesome era?
    -This scenario includes all of Europe and some parts of Middle East,North Africa
    -Many events with most of them being historical.
    Here are some images of Scenario:
    Here's the attached scenario file.
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    VelvetRose24 reacted to Hiking1 in Easiest nation to start in 1444   
    If you want to learn the game without many shenanigans and being to tiny to experience the game, i recommend PORTUGAL
    Why?, easy Castille and Morocco are always waging war against each other, so:
    Make the reconquista fast af, remember to get the Gibraltar! Morocco will declare against Castille, you can simply allow both to be in your country and both will never wage against you! Now in Diplomacy in alliances, i recommend getting one alliance with England as they normally never lose (if you support them in france obviously), Ottomans are nice too sometimes
    In Buildings make a lot of ports in the north and south of your country as 90% you need ocean superiority
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    VelvetRose24 reacted to Łukasz Jakowski in Age of Civilizations II   
    Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/603850/Age_of_Civilizations_II/
    Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=age.of.civilizations2.jakowski.lukasz
    Age of Civilizations II
    Age of Civilizations is a grand strategy wargame that is simple to learn yet hard to master.
    Your objective is to use military tactics and cunning diplomacy to either unify the world, or conquer it.
    Will the world bleed out or bow before you? The choice is yours..
    Approach to the History
    Age of Civilizations II goes through the whole history of humanity, Age by Age, beginning in the Age of Civilizations and leading into the far future
    Historical Grand Campaign
    Play as many Civilizations ranging from the largest empire to the smallest tribe, and lead your people to glory in a campaign spanning thousands of years from the dawn of civilization to the future of mankind
    Main Features
    Detailed map of the world with many historical borders
    Deeper diplomatic system between Civilizations
    Peace treaties
    Create own History using in-game editors
    Hotseat, play with as many players as Civilizations in scenario!
    Terrain Types
    More detailed diversity of Populations
    End game timelapses
    Create own world and play it!
    Scenario Editor, create own historical or alternate history scenarios and share them with community!
    Civilization Creator
    Flag maker
    Wasteland Editor
    Map Editors
    Create own maps!
    Provinces Editor
    Terrain Types Editor
    Growth Rate Editor
    Cities Editor
    Game Editors
    Add and customize own Terrain Types
    Create own pallet of Civilizations colors and share them!
    Create own Continents
    Service Ribbons Editor
    Random alliances names Editor
    Diplomacy Colors Editor

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    VelvetRose24 reacted to Shiite in How Fortnite Killed the World   
    Yo! It’s your boy Danny playing solo,AY! you know who's getting all those VICROYS! fortnite! fortnite! what’s the point of building forts you're going nite nite fortnite! fortnite! what’s the point of building forts you're going nite nite John Wick coming with the wee bucks ask mommy for the visa Skirt, skirt Choppin' trees Mickey D's shootin spree Ali-a And you see me and you freeze Drop a knee join my team 10 damage that's a bug bite 50 damage you Aight! 100 damage get some minis 200 damage gimme the loot,gimme the loot fortnite! fortnite! what’s the point of building forts you're going nite nite fortnite! fortnite! what’s the point of building forts you're going nite nite I’m gonna bounce and blast you off this tire You mom's armpits smells like a moisty mire get some slurp juice,get some slurp slurp When you hurt you’ll be crawlin in the dirt dirt Hey hater,get on the elevator Press the L cause you’re going to the lobby I’m trappin' everywhere, You’re trapped under there 150 damage in your underwear....Skirt, skirt fortnite! fortnite! what’s the point of building forts you're going nite nite fortnite! fortnite! what’s the point of building forts you're going nite nite fortnite! fortnite! what’s the point of building forts you're going nite nite
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    VelvetRose24 reacted to Chexier in New forum - Ideas!   
    Backup the Forum
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    VelvetRose24 reacted to Der Kaiser in New forum - Ideas!   
    Live chat room
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    VelvetRose24 reacted to Chexier in How Fortnite Killed the World   
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