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  1. Hey, I was wondering if its somehow possible because Ive noticed that Spain has a Catalonian minority and cores in the Modern World scenario and Hungary and the Ottomans have a bunch of minorities and cores of countries that arent on the map. Any idea on how to replicate this? Thanks. EDIT: I figured it out, didnt realize that the Add new civilization button does that and I feel pretty dumb
  2. Great job! The only slight complains that I have are that a couple of islands are neutral when they are not supposed to, some borders look kinda weird and countries like Somalia are completely missing. Were you looking at the HoI4 Kaiserreich whilst making this? All around great scenario with slight flaws
  3. I suggest adding Vojvodina and Kosovo(The 2 autonomous provinces of Serbia) as vassals of Serbia
  4. J4DYMY, Thank you so so so much! Sorry for the late response (I have not played the game or visited the forum in a while lol), now that I know how to create these kinds of scenarios I am gonna have a ton of fun with it! Thanks again!
  5. I dont have any problems with mods/custom scenarios, but I just cant manage to duplicate/copy any of the default scenarios like Modern World. I wanted to do scenarios that are slight variations of the Modern World scenario but that would require either starting from scratch or losing my original Modern World file. Basically, I just want to duplicate the default scenarios without facing any errors. Could you help me with that?
  6. I already downloaded and played multiple scenarios from the Forums without any issues, but I genuinely cannot figure out how to copy pre-existing scenarios like Modern World,1440,1200 etc. Every time I copy one of the folders(like modernworld for an example), rename it to something like modernworld123 and paste it into the scenarios folder it just appears as ERROR in my game with 0 civs. Is there any way to fix this? I wanted to make a couple of Alternate Modern World scenarios but I do not want to start from scratch or lose my original Modern World file. Any ideas?
  7. Hey, which files should I download to get this scenario up and running?
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