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  1. SUDAMXX thanks again for reply. I'm not a producent, but I mean: I'm Polish like producent of game Age of Civiliztions 2. He is from Poland.
  2. "SUDAMXX" I will try with part of provices... again 😉 How could be spam full reply message? I don't understand :). Best regards Simon, Poland ps. like producent of Age of Civilizations 2. I'm really proud :)
  3. "SUDAMXX" thanks for fast reply :) I have all the teritory. I know that is usually better to have all provinces. Before "my civilization" grow big I don't have problem. I can have peace and war, end war, start peace.
  4. Hello When "my civilization" is quite big (+- 25% of teritory) I can't end starter war with enemies. I try few times as before civilization grow biger. But I can't have peace. So, after second turns exhaustion by war is more, and more. Cost of war is biger and biger, and other problems (rebeliants) It hapened second time and until my civilization is "big" I don't have this problem. I can't, end war. I don't know is this my mistake or is it a bug in game. Do you have the same problem? Did you solve it? How? Simon
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