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    Enyermanuelt got a reaction from Globin4060 in Vive la France! (Victorian Age)   
    I love this series, and I hope Louis does not complicate his life in the south xd
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    Enyermanuelt reacted to Łukasz Jakowski in Finally Age of Civilizations II works on the iPhone!   
    Finally Age of Civilizations II works on the iPhone! 🙂 Work in progress
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    Enyermanuelt reacted to THEJOELOSER2215 in Location of the game scenarios   
    Can you make an update that lets you import Scenarios from android?
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    Enyermanuelt reacted to Project in Apparently Hungary and the Byzantines swapped places...   
    No, I think they were just at war and both of their armies marched and took their lands, ignoring each other
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    Enyermanuelt reacted to kayratanriverdi in Turkish Civil War   
    Turkish Civil War
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    Enyermanuelt reacted to DeFFyo in Age Of Civilizations 1 - Scenarios for Age of Civilizations 2   
    Hello, everybody!

    Do you remember the first part of "Age of Civilization"?
    So, I want to realese scnarios built on the map of the first part
    World War 1 World War 2 World War 2 - 1942
    Have fun!

    scenarios AoC 1 AoC 2.rar
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    Enyermanuelt reacted to GyLala in Age of Civilizations 3   
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    Enyermanuelt reacted to SUDAMXX in (TUTORIAL) How to Create a Flag for Your Nation With Photoshop   
    Thanks, what a pity it can not be edited as in a computer :c
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    Enyermanuelt reacted to SUDAMXX in (TUTORIAL) How to Create a Flag for Your Nation With Photoshop   
    Hi, How are you? I'm going to teach you how to create a flag for your created nation
    (REQUIREMENTS) Any Photoshop Version, I recommend CS6 or later versions,
    First of all we create our nation in The game editor.
    In Editor - Create A Civilization - Create New Civilization

    OK, Now
    We Create Our Civilization
    The main thing is the name
    In Where It Says NAME We Write The Name Of Our Nation In My Case Potato With Cheese

    The Next Is The Color We Precised The Button That Tells Civilization Color, We Select The Main Color Of The Nation In My Case I Will Select The Orange Because My Nation Is A Potato xD

    Now we select the service list option, the list of service are as achievements by conquered provinces, we have a few models, we select the model, and we choose the color, in my case orange and white

    Ok The Flag No Ay That to Edit it Equals the Color that Has,
    And we keep the Nation

    Now we can close the game,
    Generally, the folder is on this route C:\Program Files (x86)\ Steam\steamapps\common\ Age Of Civillizations 2
    At least Asi I enter the game folder, At least that's how I enter the game folder.
    Ok Inside the folder called Age Of Civilizations 2, we enter the folder GAME

    Once inside we look for the folder called civilizations_editor and enter it

    A Data, Our newest Civilization Created Always Will be the last folder
    We enter the folder and look for the last folder

    We enter the last Folder and you will find 2 PNG Photos,

    To verify that our nation is created Let's double click on one of the 2 photos
    The flag must be the same as the default

    If It Is The Same Flag We Select THE 2 PHOTOS AND We Send It To The Desk

    Now Open Photoshop
    If they are good in Fotoshop they are edited alone, but as I am Manco Download a picture of a potato in Google for My Potato-Nation
    The Measures Must Be IN PIXELS IS IMPORTANT
    There are 2 Flags For That There Are Two Measures The Big One, 68 Wide, And 44 High, IN PIXELS

    Then In Photoshop We Give It In, File - New, The Background Content Has To Be White, And We Added The Pixels, 68 Wide And 44 High, Here The Sample

    Now We Select, File - Place

    And We Search The Photo Or Edit Above The White,
    When we place the image, we have to adjust it well

    Once Placed We Precede The Enter Key,
    It Will Be Blurred But In The Game It Will Be In 4K I Will Promise You 😉

    We already have the first flag, if you put a photo, it is the same procedure to edit the small flag, (RECOGNIZE THAT YOU HAVE DIFFERENT PIXELS) If you edited the big flag well, When we created the workspace for the small flag we will place the big flag
    Measurements of the Small Flag, 27 Wide, 18 High, IN PIXELS

    And place the photo, or if the great flag is edited, we place the big flag.
    In my case I will reposition the photo of the potato to have more quality

    The small flag is more pixelated than the big one
    And we keep the flag as a type of PNG photo

    I finish the difficult part
    It should be like that

    We Copy The Name of the Original File

    Now If we want Eliminate the Ancient Flag
    Beware The Name Of The Big Original Banner It has to be stuck on the big flag created by us
    And we paste in our new flag

    We do the same procedure with the small flag.
    Now we move our new flags to the folder that we opened before

    And we replaced

    We Close Everything, And Enter Age Of Civilizations
    And now we can add our new nation to our scenario or to some scenario of the game




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