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  1. I've had similar problems in the past. The solution for me has been: uninstalling the game on steam, deleting the local files, then reinstalling the game. It's unfortunate that you'll lose your save file, but hopefully you won't have this issue again. It hasn't happened to me again since I reinstalled, but I might just be lucky. Hope this helps.
  2. Its probably religion, because there are already files for religion in the game (Age of Civilizations II > game > religions) . Although, Nuclear weapons would be much more interesting.
  3. Shrimpy5678


    Unions are just generally broken.
  4. If you win a war with a country, you should be able to force them to change their government type. Also, you should be able to change vassal governments at any time. That's it.
  5. I usually make AI aggression extremely low, but this stuff just keeps happening to me. It might just be bad luck.
  6. I love playing the WW2 scenario, but it really annoys me when the game goes completely off the rails historically and the British Raj takes over all of Europe. I'm not necessarily saying that there needs to be a script for certain foreign powers, but maybe some more powerful nations should be enticed to stick to the general region that they started in. I understand why the most powerful AI decide to go attack the wealthiest provinces, but it seems like a little too much some times. That's all.
  7. I was playing a game in WW2 as Poland and after struggling for a while I began to do pretty well. I took back my land from Germany, so eventually I stopped worrying about defending myself and decided to set my goals on a larger, more ambitious project, forming the Intermarium. To my surprise, it only took me an hour or two to acquire all the required land. I saved the game and quit, because I had something else to do. However, when I returned and loaded up the Intermarium save file, somehow I was playing as some random African country. I was a bit confused so I uninstalled and reinstalled my game, because I thought the mods I was working on might have messed with the save files. Once again, I played Poland in WW2 and formed the Intermarium, the same issue occurred, but this time I was playing as some Asian country. Has anyone else had this problem or did I just destroy my game on my own? I'm generally asking about forming new countries and playing as them, not specifically the Intermarium.
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