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  1. Hey Everyone! Just a quick update again. My old laptop is permanently broken, but luckily I got a garbage inexpensive laptop as a replacement. This means that I'm actually working on the scenario now, but it may take a bit longer for me to develop it. Thanks for the continued support! P.S. If you guys have a form-able civilization that you'd like to be included, let me know and there's a good chance that I will include it.
  2. Hey Everyone! I just wanted to update everyone on the status of SEPARATISTS. Currently, I'm unable to work on the scenario, because my laptop is broken, but I should get it fixed soon. As soon as I get back my laptop, I'll get to work on V3.2. This version won't include much, but it will fix some errors on the map and add some formable civs. Thanks for the support on the scenario.
  3. If by colonies, you mean vassals, then yes. However, if you mean a piece of land that you control, then no. The only way for a territory to separate from you is through a rebellion in that region, which only occurs due to low province stability.
  4. UPDATE (V 3.1) Hello Everyone, I just uploaded SEPARATISTS V3.1, which fixes some significant issues. Much thanks to Kelvinnn for pointing this stuff out to me. The new version doesn't include any new custom civilizations, but it includes some important border changes. Also, I added a set of new files to download, the flags, which are meant to fix in-game flags that are inaccurate. The only flag that I've changed so far is that of Sarawak (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_Sarawak), which uses an outdated version of the Sarawak flag (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raj_of_Sarawak).
  5. SEPARATISTS V3 ‼️NOW WITH 400+ CIVILIZATIONS ‼️ ❗60+ NEW CIVILIZATIONS❗ A brief foreword: Hello Everyone, This scenario has been in development for quite a while and I've reached the first major milestone in this project. Its come a long way since V1, but this is not the end for the scenario. Anyways, thank you for your continued interest and support for SEPARATISTS and I hope you enjoy this version. Thanks, Shrimpy5678 What's new? Well, I'm glad you asked! Added Asia Added Saint Pierre and Miquelon Changed North American bo
  6. Hello, I'm genuinely sorry for any trouble that the scenario might have caused you. However, you shouldn't have renamed the scenario, because that's what's causing it to show up as "ERROR". As for your game crashing, I don't know what the problem may be. If you still want to try the scenario, you should delete all of the scenario files (including the civilizations) and try downloading again. However if you give up on this version, I'm going to release a new version of SEPARATISTS tomorrow (which will include the full map), I'll announce it on this topic. I'm going to make sure that the ne
  7. I'm working on Asia right now, but I haven't had the time to focus on it recently. Hopefully, it'll be done soon.
  8. SEPARATISTS V2 by Shrimpy5678 A brief foreword: Hello Everyone, This is the second version of my separatists scenario. The original only included Europe, but this one includes North and South America, Africa, The Middle East, and Oceania. Don't worry, I've already begun working on Asia, which should be completed very soon 😉. I will be releasing the full map in V3. Here's some stuff you should know about this scenario: This scenario has 55+ custom civilizations The scenario currently has no form-able civilizations, but I intend to add them The inf
  9. Never mind, I'm going to release v2 in two or three days, but it will include Africa as well. 😉 bye.
  10. I've finished development on North AND South America! I'll be releasing SEPARATISTS V2 tomorrow! I'm going to begin working on Africa soon. It's probably going to take much longer than the Americas (hopefully not as long as Europe).
  11. I've begun development on North America. See you soon 👍
  12. SEPARATISTS (EUROPE ONLY) V1: Hello! This is a scenario I made that tries to make every separatist movement in Europe independent. This is the first version, so I will continue modifying the map to make it more accurate. If you are familiar with one of these movements and see an inaccuracy, please let me know and I will fix the problem in the next version. I plan on continuing the separatists scenario to include the entire world, but that might take a while. The current scenario only has new civilizations, no events or form-able civilizations (although I intend to add them later).
  13. Have you tried using a windows emulator?
  14. *makes an interesting and unique scenario about a divided U.S.A.* *makes California communist* the epitome of creativity =P
  15. I've had similar problems in the past. The solution for me has been: uninstalling the game on steam, deleting the local files, then reinstalling the game. It's unfortunate that you'll lose your save file, but hopefully you won't have this issue again. It hasn't happened to me again since I reinstalled, but I might just be lucky. Hope this helps.
  16. Its probably religion, because there are already files for religion in the game (Age of Civilizations II > game > religions) . Although, Nuclear weapons would be much more interesting.
  17. Shrimpy5678


    Unions are just generally broken.
  18. If you win a war with a country, you should be able to force them to change their government type. Also, you should be able to change vassal governments at any time. That's it.
  19. I usually make AI aggression extremely low, but this stuff just keeps happening to me. It might just be bad luck.
  20. I love playing the WW2 scenario, but it really annoys me when the game goes completely off the rails historically and the British Raj takes over all of Europe. I'm not necessarily saying that there needs to be a script for certain foreign powers, but maybe some more powerful nations should be enticed to stick to the general region that they started in. I understand why the most powerful AI decide to go attack the wealthiest provinces, but it seems like a little too much some times. That's all.
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