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  1. marikk

    Europe in 1885

    Thanks, best of luck to you! I'll make sure to add the scenario in the workshop once it comes out.
  2. marikk

    Europe in 1885

    Thank you! And yes, I've thought about doing the world in 1885. Problem is it'll take time but I can work on it next week and it's definitely going to my schedule!
  3. Europe in 1885! Hello, everyone! This is my first real scenario, everything else I've made is imaginary worlds/afow's. There might be problems with the leaders since I don't really know how to change them. I accept any suggestion and corrections. Updates will be made once I've got more than a few corrections but still might take more time because of my personal life. Suggestions for you!: 1.Try to unite Bulgaria! All you have to do is play as either Bulgaria or Eastern Rumelia and try to unite with the other. 2.Try to recreate World War 1! 3.Try to ta
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