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  1. Lativ

    Shame on you, Lukasz

    I was banned for two weeks for writing that AoC2 doesn't deserve the 'hidden gem' reward. I guess this is how Lukasz's relationship with the customers will now look like... See you in another 2 weeks, i guess
  2. Lativ


    he took the money, and abandoned us and the game
  3. Do you realise that ignoring us and our requests to update AoC2 isn't good? Are you really that blind to don't see you are losing your customers?! Litrrally everyone is dissapointed of you, your buggy game and your lack of any contact with us

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    2. Lativ


      I did, but I still hope the developer will finally move his ass and get us interested in his game again

    3. Shiite


      he won't it's Lukasz

    4. WorkPlease


      he will see his latest post

  4. Could someone give me a link to it (pc version, english language) and tell me how to upload it to original AoC2? Thanks
  5. I hope you will replace MacLeod music with Minecraft theme
  6. Big countries NEVER make alliances. The only alliances in the game are between some small, 2-province countries.
  7. Maybe it's better. Before the release I thought AoC2 will destroy my social life. Luckily it didn't.
  8. Here comes the bloodiest ancient war! I tried to make the gameplay as balanced as I could. Enjoy! Note: If you don't know anything about this war, google it. 1546701627807tqwtvmbb.zip
  9. Good idea, but it should be unlocked with a certain tech level
  10. You already can in AoC2
  11. I still remember how I voted yes from my 2 accounts!
  12. Lativ

    1700 scenario

    thanks for noticing
  13. someone: hey, look! Italy is on discount! everyone: on it! it's what messing with alliances in the editor can do :v
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