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  1. Could someone give me a link to it (pc version, english language) and tell me how to upload it to original AoC2? Thanks
  2. I hope you will replace MacLeod music with Minecraft theme
  3. Big countries NEVER make alliances. The only alliances in the game are between some small, 2-province countries.
  4. Maybe it's better. Before the release I thought AoC2 will destroy my social life. Luckily it didn't.
  5. Here comes the bloodiest ancient war! I tried to make the gameplay as balanced as I could. Enjoy! Note: If you don't know anything about this war, google it. 1546701627807tqwtvmbb.zip
  6. Good idea, but it should be unlocked with a certain tech level
  7. You already can in AoC2
  8. I still remember how I voted yes from my 2 accounts!
  9. Lativ

    1700 scenario

    thanks for noticing
  10. someone: hey, look! Italy is on discount! everyone: on it! it's what messing with alliances in the editor can do :v
  11. Lativ


    The olny alliances I have in my gameplays are between some little states, for ex. Andorra and Luxembourg. Bigger civilizations never make alliances, the closet thing to it is a non aggresion pact and military access at once. I feel pretty dissapointed with this. Łukasz, could you give more love for iterimperial firenship? Thanks :)
  12. You got my full support! But please, make regular updates about the progress of making this :)
  13. Lativ

    1700 scenario

    Why wouldn't it be? Anyway, if you find any mistakes, let me know.
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