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  1. Workshop? Still not done. It was supposed to be in Januray. Just saying. Old, annoying bugs? Still out there. New mechanics, scenarios, anything that people want so badly? No! Informing us about any progress? No, why? You sit in a corner and collect money while we have a half-broken game with wasted potential. And that makes me angry.
  2. Could someone give me a link to it (pc version, english language) and tell me how to upload it to original AoC2? Thanks
  3. I hope you will replace MacLeod music with Minecraft theme
  4. Big countries NEVER make alliances. The only alliances in the game are between some small, 2-province countries.
  5. Maybe it's better. Before the release I thought AoC2 will destroy my social life. Luckily it didn't.
  6. Here comes the bloodiest ancient war! I tried to make the gameplay as balanced as I could. Enjoy! Note: If you don't know anything about this war, google it. 1546701627807tqwtvmbb.zip
  7. Good idea, but it should be unlocked with a certain tech level
  8. You already can in AoC2
  9. I still remember how I voted yes from my 2 accounts!
  10. Lativ

    1700 scenario

    thanks for noticing
  11. someone: hey, look! Italy is on discount! everyone: on it! it's what messing with alliances in the editor can do :v
  12. Lativ


    The olny alliances I have in my gameplays are between some little states, for ex. Andorra and Luxembourg. Bigger civilizations never make alliances, the closet thing to it is a non aggresion pact and military access at once. I feel pretty dissapointed with this. Łukasz, could you give more love for iterimperial firenship? Thanks :)
  13. You got my full support! But please, make regular updates about the progress of making this :)
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