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  1. When a game crashes two times in a row or sometimes when I simply exit the game and try to launch it, the EXE file just deletes and I can't enter. The only way I can play again is by reinstalling game on other drive (C: -> D: or D: -> C:). Fix this, please. This bug is very annoying.
  2. Hello there. You wanted for me (Kubik the Gamer on YouTube) to make a province map for you (I forgot sry). Can you pls send me a pic or something if no one else made it already?

  3. Lososina9000

    Please help

    Can you please explain what exactly happens? I don't quite understand what's the problem.
  4. Украинская локализация местами даже хуже. Я лично играю на английском и доволен этим.
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