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    AbdoSabry reacted to Australia in New forum - Ideas!   
    I guess you should add the game's map in the background. Like the website
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    AbdoSabry reacted to Th3greaxx in Ability to annex vassals   
    send ultimatum >> annex
    the ultimatum is very useful
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    AbdoSabry reacted to Cai in Trading bug   
    I gave ming dynasty 7m gold for the philippine city of Manila and they rejected.
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    AbdoSabry reacted to goktug14 in Trading bug   
    I'm giving Russia 100k gold for one province and still cant buy there. 
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    AbdoSabry got a reaction from Future mapper in Trading bug   
    I have never made until now a successful trade even though I gave them provinces for one 1 gold they always refuse ..why is that??!
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    AbdoSabry reacted to Łukasz Jakowski in Report a bug   
    Have you found any bug in the game? Make a topic about it and tell me step by step how to reproduce it!
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