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  1. @Hetman2311 new video please.
  2. @Hetman2311can there be lots of sea provinces?
  3. https://youtu.be/Tc-GKf6i4TQ
  4. Can you make a new video on the map?
  5. Probably because of the lines. Check in make editor.
  6. I got banned off the discord for saying it wasn't the biggest map with the most provs (actually isn't) and linked the mod that deserved the title of biggest map.
  7. @Hetman2311Can you make a video on the map, showing all the provs?
  8. @Hetman2311Can you show us the Indian Ocean and Pacific?
  9. @Vexodym @Hetman2311
  10. @Hetman2311 Please make islands in Ionian and Aegean sea separate !!
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