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  1. Mongol, mongoloid, mongy. All continue to be thrown around as insults, not just for those with Down's syndrome, but for anyone with special needs, as well as being an offensive term for an idiot.
  2. Also Australia was divided in colonies and not a independent nation. New Zealand was not independent either.
  3. It's really good but you need to change the flags of the nations as many are wrong and a few border inaccuracies as well.
  4. Я также думал, что Райх был главным разработчиком, поскольку он был первым человеком, которого я увидел, кто разместил на нем мод еще при первом создании Аддона?
  5. Хорошо, мне очень жаль, я только что понял, что слежу за вашей группой. Я думал, что вы какой-то случайный нерусский, заявляющий, что ваш мод является преемником Аддона. Мои плохие и извинения.
  6. This isn't at all the successor. It's not be declared it at all by the Addon developers. I am in their VK community and they said they are going to show us a sneak peek of the new Addon soon so you are wasting your time and also stop self-proclaiming your mod as being the successor will yah?
  7. But don't worry a new mod is coming to replace Addon+, and it will be better.
  8. @Duchy of Darkis and FungusIf you hate me because of banned from Discord server, I didnt ban you. My old moderator, Franz has banned you because of ads. I didn't even know you were banned from the server.

    1. Kerems2434


      Pls contact me from Discord

      Nick: Kerem Yılmaz#7334

  9. You are not wrong but then again could be right. I was in it when Dave posted this post but left after 2 months but joined again to see not progress. Then I did again but it looked like they weren't bothered cause they decided to make a Minecraft server for somethin'? I forgot but it was something to do with Minecraft but this is my account/my opinion of being there.
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