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  1. @Duchy of Darkis and FungusIf you hate me because of banned from Discord server, I didnt ban you. My old moderator, Franz has banned you because of ads. I didn't even know you were banned from the server.

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    2. Kerems2434


      Pls contact me from Discord

      Nick: Kerem Yılmaz#7334

    3. Duchy of Darkis and Fungus
    4. Duchy of Darkis and Fungus

      Duchy of Darkis and Fungus

      Gimme an hour cause I need to go and do something.

  2. You are not wrong but then again could be right. I was in it when Dave posted this post but left after 2 months but joined again to see not progress. Then I did again but it looked like they weren't bothered cause they decided to make a Minecraft server for somethin'? I forgot but it was something to do with Minecraft but this is my account/my opinion of being there.
  3. @Hetman2311 can you add the Kiel Canal, Panama Canal, Suez Canal and the White Sea-Baltic Canal as well?
  4. Today is the release !!!!!
  5. Somebody will probably release it for mobile.
  6. Can we see and will the release be on Saturday?
  7. @Hetman2311 can you also make videos on the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, China, Korea's and Japan? I just want to see their provinces please.
  8. And Plymouth to Jamestown 30-50 turns.
  9. @Hetman2311 can/will you add lots of sea provinces after the release or right now because I want the turns it takes to get to places to be long. Like 70-100 turns to get from Portugal to India and colonize there?
  10. I cannot WAIT for colonization in this!
  11. @Hetman2311 any progress?
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