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Age of Civilizations

Duchy of Darkis and Fungus

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  1. @Vexodym @Hetman2311
  2. @Hetman2311 Please make islands in Ionian and Aegean sea separate !!
  3. @Hetman2311 Please add islands in Indian Ocean and Antarctic Ocean !!!
  4. @Hetman2311 Please add every island in the Pacific ocean !!!
  5. This map won't have historically accurate borders though 😕
  6. A revolt or riots would be better. It would lead to your people voting for a new constitution, government and to remove or add reforms.
  7. Gambia, Zanzibar and Walvis Bay belong to the British. Cabinda to the Portuguese.
  8. You missed some parts of Galicia.
  9. Add in the Suez Canal and Kiel Canal too.
  10. https://politicsandwar.com/register/ref=Frederick Barbarossa
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