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  1. The developers of Addon are already/have already making scenarios based on the Middle Ages for Addon+ 2.0. If you want your mod to stand out include things that will definitely like, you know will make people impressed? Something we've not seen before in a mod really. Maybe 1000 events? Lots of scenarios is something seen too much and overrated imo. Maybe scenarios for each century and LOTS and LOTS of events leading to the next century or just one scenario that starts in the BC period and goes to 2000 AD. Maybe one historical scenario and one alternate. Would be nice and also more provinces just for the historical borders or just new nations. Just sayin' ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. @Hetman2311 can you add the Kiel Canal, Panama Canal, Suez Canal and the White Sea-Baltic Canal as well?
  3. Today is the release !!!!!
  4. Somebody will probably release it for mobile.
  5. Can we see and will the release be on Saturday?
  6. @Hetman2311 can you also make videos on the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, China, Korea's and Japan? I just want to see their provinces please.
  7. And Plymouth to Jamestown 30-50 turns.
  8. @Hetman2311 can/will you add lots of sea provinces after the release or right now because I want the turns it takes to get to places to be long. Like 70-100 turns to get from Portugal to India and colonize there?
  9. I cannot WAIT for colonization in this!
  10. @Hetman2311 any progress?
  11. @Hetman2311 new video please.
  12. @Hetman2311can there be lots of sea provinces?
  13. https://youtu.be/Tc-GKf6i4TQ
  14. Can you make a new video on the map?
  15. Probably because of the lines. Check in make editor.
  16. I got banned off the discord for saying it wasn't the biggest map with the most provs (actually isn't) and linked the mod that deserved the title of biggest map.
  17. @Hetman2311Can you make a video on the map, showing all the provs?
  18. @Hetman2311Can you show us the Indian Ocean and Pacific?
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