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    Duchy of Darkis and Fungus got a reaction from Hydra in Addon 2.0 • Age of History II   
    Я также думал, что Райх был главным разработчиком, поскольку он был первым человеком, которого я увидел, кто разместил на нем мод еще при первом создании Аддона?
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    Duchy of Darkis and Fungus got a reaction from Hydra in Addon 2.0 • Age of History II   
    Хорошо, мне очень жаль, я только что понял, что слежу за вашей группой. Я думал, что вы какой-то случайный нерусский, заявляющий, что ваш мод является преемником Аддона. Мои плохие и извинения. 
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    Duchy of Darkis and Fungus got a reaction from Hydra in Addon 2.0 • Age of History II   
    This isn't at all the successor. It's not be declared it at all by the Addon developers. I am in their VK community and they said they are going to show us a sneak peek of the new Addon soon so you are wasting your time and also stop self-proclaiming your mod as being the successor will yah?
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    Duchy of Darkis and Fungus got a reaction from BalkanKnight in Addon 2.0 • Age of History II   
    This isn't at all the successor. It's not be declared it at all by the Addon developers. I am in their VK community and they said they are going to show us a sneak peek of the new Addon soon so you are wasting your time and also stop self-proclaiming your mod as being the successor will yah?
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    Duchy of Darkis and Fungus got a reaction from Rafael, in Crusaders III - CK3 Mod for AoC2 (1100 / 8503 Provinces) (CONTINUES..)   
    Russians are talented and they favour quality over quantity imo but it's true.
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    Duchy of Darkis and Fungus got a reaction from Hitler the secend in Crusaders III - CK3 Mod for AoC2 (1100 / 8503 Provinces) (CONTINUES..)   
    Russians are talented and they favour quality over quantity imo but it's true.
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    Duchy of Darkis and Fungus reacted to Chairman Baad in Crusaders III - CK3 Mod for AoC2 (1100 / 8503 Provinces) (CONTINUES..)   
    Dead mod. Dead mod. AoC2ModdingTR let another one of their mods die.
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    Duchy of Darkis and Fungus reacted to St.Chmnd in Poll Ongoing | Ad Nova Aurora - A Victorian Era Mod | Visit the Discord   
    Hello everyone, and welcome to the first Dev-Diary of our mod. It tries to settle a bit about the area and explains how we work with some things in the game. It may be a little too long, but I hope you enjoy it.
    If you want to see more about the development, you can also visit our discord channel (I fixed the link in the opening topic): https://discord.gg/FNVgp5ZDtR
    There's a lot of info in our research channel there, so you can see an even more in-depth look at our sources.

    Nations at the start date. For more details about their flags and the provinces, look at the "Map" section below.
    The Caucasus region, a land of mountains, fresh air, and various ethnic groups with a lot of different and interesting traditions. In general, it has been a really interesting place from a great part of history, and the 19th century is not the exception, after all, it’s located in the border of three empires (being the Russian, Ottoman and Qajar empires), with their correspondent protectorates/buffer states stuck in the middle. Most importantly, the region had started to see some important border changes from during this period, being the Russian Expansion into the south one of the most important cases.

    We have to mention obviously that before our start date (in the 1830’s), the Russians got the higher ground over this mountains.
    The Qajar Dynasty, which took power in Persia after the collapse the Zand dynasty (As good of a ruler Karim Khan Zand was, and all his campaigns against the Qajar chiefs, his “archenemies”, his successor simply couldn’t keep the throne against them). At their first years, the Qajars wanted to reestablish Iran’s power over Georgia, and with Russia focused over other problems (like the ongoing consequences of the French Revolution), they partly achieved that goal in 1795 after the battle of Krtsanisi, occupying thus Georgia for a brief period of time…but this victory would carried some political consequences with Russia, which would later ruin the ambitions of the Qajars over Transcaucasia and Dagestan. With the Russian annexation of Kartli-Kakheti in 1801, of the Elisu Sultanate in 1803, and the capture of the key fortress of Ganja (subsequently Elisabethpol) in 1804, served as the catalyst for the “Russo-Persian war” of 1804-1813. In the end, with the treaty of Gulistan, the results were obvious: Russia won; the Qajars had to cede Georgia, and parts of Azerbaijan and Southern Dagestan; and most of the Khanates of the Caucasus (Baku, Shirvan, Shaki, among others), became either protectorates of Russia or outright annexed to the empire.
    But this wasn’t the end, and the Shah of Iran knew it. It was just a breeze of armed peace, which would be followed by another war…And that’s what happened in 1826. As Russia just ended settling up the problems it had with the “Decembrist Revolt” (during the interregnum that followed the death of Alexander I), the Qajar forces invaded the Russian protectorates of the Talysh and Karabakh khanates, without declaring war, and “turned” them to their joining their side. The campaign’s goal was to recapture Tiflis and push the Russians to the other side of the Terek River. The offensive seemed to work at first, but after a Russian counter attack, the Qajars and their allied khanates got into horrible setbacks, until the decisive capture of Echmiadzin in the Erevan khanate, followed by the Russian advance to Tabriz, the war was a tremendous loss for Iran.

    Siege and Capture of Erivan.
    The treaty of Turkmenchay then was settled, confirming a Russian hegemony in the Caucasus, the passing of the khanates of Erivan and Nakhichevan to the Russian Empire, migration of a considerable number of Armenian subjects of Persia into the region (causing some population changes), and the undermining of British interests in Persia (setting up a new stage in the “Great Game”). And now, in the 1830’s, Qajar Iran sits as an empire which is slowly losing strength of its previous glory, perhaps an skilled player could return them into their old glory?
    But not all conflicts were in-between Persia and Russia. The Ottomans also had interests in the region…which they also lost. Although in the Russo-Turkish War of 1806-1812 they didn’t lost a lot in the Caucasus, as the “Danubian Theater” was much more important during the war, and that was where they lost the region of Bessarabia. Later, the Russo Turkish War of 1828-1829, sometimes considered as part of the Greek War of Independence, saw some more significant action in the area. The Russians sieged and captured Kars and later Erzurum. Ultimately, the Ottomans also lost this war and had to sign the “Treaty of Adrianopole”, and with it they lost quite some stuff: While the Russians ended up with most ports of the eastern side of the Black Sea now under their control and their previous conquests of previous Persian territory, the Ottomans also had to ratify the autonomy of the Principality of Serbia, to finally recognize the independence of the Greeks, and, pay some economic indemnities, and to give more autonomy to the Danubian Principalities, while at the same time, giving Russia permission to occupy them until the indemnity was paid (this is the reason why in the original scenario and the Conqueror’s one, Russia starts with military access to Wallachia and Moldavia…I may go much more in-depth over the topics about the Principalities and the Greek War of Independence in a later entry). This war ended just before the start date, so the Ottomans may start with an event explaining the situation, or at least, with a negative treasury and lower happiness.

    And with the previous, you see why Russia starts at the top in the region, with new territories and vassals, which will probably rebel at some point, since even if they have control of the area, will the Russians be able to hold the different peoples of Transcaucasia under their yoke?
    To understand that, we have to go more in depth over the different “minor nations” (both existent at the start date or recently annexed) of the Southern Caucasus Area.
    In the case of Georgia, although the Kingdom of Kartli-Kakheti was annexed in 1801 and turned into the “Georgian Governorate”, some of the more little principalities survived for some a little more time as protectorates, much more akin to “rump states”. Their autonomy varied, and some regions were practically free thanks to their isolation (like “Free Svaneti”). At the start date, the Kingdom of Imereti was already annexed to Russia in 1810, an the same happened to the Principality of Guria in 1829, leaving then only the Principalities of Mengrelia and Svaneti remain as “independent”…well, and an area of Svaneti called “Free Svaneti”, “feudal” holdouts which refused both the suzerainty the Russian Empire and the Principality of Svaneti (under the House of Dadeshkeliani). Abkhazia also persisted as an autonomous principality until 1864 (they also had a revolt in 1866…but it failed and because of it, a good amount of the population was obligated to flee the country, resulting in a great decrease of population for the area).

    For the Armenians, things were going particularly “better”, since around 30,000 Armenians came back to “their lands”, migrating from the Qajar Empire. This caused an important religious and demographic shift in the region of modern day Armenia, considering that during the Erivan Khanate’s reign, the Muslim population was the majority, with the Armenian Christian being a minority. The Muslim population (Iranians, Turkics, Kurds, etc.) then preferred to migrate to other “Muslim lands” (like the Ottoman Empire or Persia), making the shift much more notorious. An important Armenian related, but mostly overlooked part to talk about here would be the Melikdoms of Karabakh, five principalities ruled by “Meliks” (Designated Armenian noble title in various Eastern Armenian lands), which appeared after the dissolution of the “Principality of Kachen” in the 15th century, and survived until 1822, when the Russian Empire abolished ethnic feudal formations. The Melikdoms were almost always semi-independent and even often fully independent. In the 17th and 18th centuries, Nagorno-Karabakh became an epicenter of the idea of re-creating an independent Armenian state; this state would be allied with Georgia and protected by Russia and European powers, but the plan didn’t seem to ever get on track…we could perhaps some event for it, where the Meliks, which became then Russian nobles, could convince either Russia to cede to their requests, or rebel by themselves.

    On the other side, we have the remaining khanates of Azerbaijan. Humiliated, after the wars Russo-Persian wars some years ago, almost all of them are gone. The Fortified Ganja Khante annexed, the Karabakh Khanate abolished, the proud Erevan Khanate was ceded to the Russian Authorities, and the same fate was bestowed to Shirvan, Nakchivan, Shaki, Baku, Talysh and Shirvan. The only persisting one, in the southern Caucasus, at the start date would be the Tsakhur controlled “Elisu Sultanate”, which would soon see its demise in 1844 too. This doesn’t mean that the Russians were in total control, since the different khans and peoples in general would still resist the Russian forces, and with the Caucasus Imamate in the other side of the mountains, perhaps they could get inspired to also rebel, either united under one banner, divided by their cultural allegiance, or perhaps with the help of Persia…This all depends on what the player decides (with a little help of the events that we will leave in the scenario of course).
    As a sort of additional note, most of the nations mentioned above, will probably start as cores inside the area, making it more unstable.
    With all those things in mind, this would leave us with the map looking somewhat similar to this:

    All the Provinces of the new version

    Nations at the 1830 start date, with their respective flags (at the time).
    Since I haven’t finished all provinces of the world map (or at least all of the ones for the first release), I just colored this ones with the starting nations…but you get the idea.
    And considering that we are looking at the map, you’ll be able to see how the provinces follow different lines: From rivers (like the Aras) in Azerbaijan, to the historical regions in Georgia, or the addition of Lake – in Armenia. I tried to also blend the old administrative divisions, with the current ones (for example, you could sort of replicate the new borders of Nagorno-Karabakh ones with the existing provinces). I also have at least one city for each province (some with their old names, and some with newer ones).
    Some maps I used as examples:
    Map of The Historical provinces of Georgia:
    River map (mostly Azerbaijan):

    Evolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh provinces (after the war of 2020):

    Armenia’s Relief map:

    Map of the Karabakh Khanate "administrative divisions":

    Cores and Formables:
    Well, there’s a lot of nations that could be considered put in here. For instance, all the Khanates that were in the Beta before will be available as releasable/“core nations” (and they will get more flags too). There’s also the possibility of either adding the Armenian Melikdoms as either a union, the "Khamsa Union”, or as individual nations…This will depend of whether I’m able to find symbols for all of them or not (I’m still digging up some things from the internet for this). Other than those, I’ll probably add the Extinct Georgian principalities too (Adjaria, Guria, Imereti, Kartli and Kakheti), and some other smaller nations representing specific groups or regions that have a different/interesting culture and/or history behind them (Kevshureti, Javakheti, Salipartiano, Samurzakano, Tianeti, etc)…but that last may also depend of some later development details. I may also add the different Russian Governorates as separate nations (For example, The Tiflis governorate)

    Flags and Coat of arms of the "Melik Union".
    For Formable Nations the most obvious ones would be Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. There's also the possibility to add Transcaucasia too. Considering both historical and ahistorical paths, we will see what we can do.
    Events and some Ideas?
    Well, there’s a lot of potential ideas for events and details to this region. For more “vanilla”/“historical” things, we will probably add the annexation of the Elisu sultanate, the 1832 Georgian plot (A plan to restore the Georgian statehood), the surge of Georgian nationalism, the “Armenian national awakening”, The Quba revolt (in the lands of the former khanate, from 1837-1839), The Lykhnensky revolt, etc.
    But we also have some more, quite “out-of the rails”, ideas:
    From things like a new theater for the “Great Game” between Russia and Britain (if the Qajars end up as a protectorate of the UK), the creation of a greater Armenia (the Armenian question gone wrong, ending up with a sort of “Willsonian” Armenia), the Unification of Transcaucasia, or even the creation of a Crusader state in the middle of it (considering the population of a little part of Georgia claimed to be descendent of lost crusaders, and kept using chainmail and participating in duels until the soviets started “repressing” their culture).
    Wow, it has been a lot of time since I wrote a dev-diary hahaha, and as always, I went again off the rails with historical details and all (maybe even more than that long post about the different Mayan groups of Central America?). Well, since I have this free space now, I might as well write something about this project:
    A simple scenario, which then went into more and more details ended up as a now developing mod which tries to include a lot of historical things…we may be getting way too ambitious, but on the other hand, why not shoot for the stars if you have the opportunity to do so? So here we are hahaha.
    Ad Nova Aurora walks this thin line where it tries to be similar to Victoria II (well, who doesn’t love that game’s atmosphere), but at the same time, it tries to have its own identity, with that in mind, the team has decided to add different things that other mods may not include, so that’s why we hastily research topics to take inspiration and content for the mod (we’ve seen a lot of really obscure sources, maybe not at the level of TNO, but for amateurs as us…its quite something). The only problem with that, is that our development may be too slow, but I’m sure it will all be worth it (so we hope that you’ll bear with us for the time being). For example, and technically by personal experience, the provinces of the mod were made with a lot of research and not with a single map in hand (at least for this area), same with some flags (I had to look above and beyond for some things, using languages I don’t fully understand hahaha).
    In the end, we are sure at least that we’ll be able to deliver a quality product for the community. And with those words I close these first “dev-diary”, which covered a “mountain” of interesting topics…and although I may have broken my promise of making them shorter, I hope that you found it interesting enough.
    I hope to be able to write the next one soon, although online classes may be an obstacle, but I’ll do what I can.
    Thanks for reading!
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    Duchy of Darkis and Fungus reacted to Magolor in The Pony In The High Castle MOD v0.2.2L release   
    Github: https://github.com/Magolor/AoH2-PIHC
    Fast download of v0.2.3L: https://github.com/Magolor/AoH2-PIHC/releases/tag/v0.2.3L
    Github: https://github.com/Magolor/AoH2-PIHC
    Installation: https://github.com/Magolor/AoH2-PIHC/releases/tag/0.2.2L
     Age of History II: The Pony In The High Castle MOD
    Latest Public Version: 0.2.2L
    Latest Working Version: 0.2.3L
    What is "The Pony In The High Castle" MOD? 什么是"高堡奇驹"模组?
    PIHC MOD: "The Pony In The High Castle" MOD is a mod for game AoH2 (Age of History II). The setting of the mod is based on the re-creation of the famous cartoon MLP (My Little Pony) series. PIHC"高堡奇驹"MOD是文明时代2的游戏模组。此模组的剧情设定为著名动画系列《小马宝莉》的同人创作。
    In this fictional world, Cozy Glow, Queen Chrysalis and Lord Tirek won the Ultimate Battle (S09E24, S09E25), instead of M6 in the official episodes. 在这样一个架空世界中,和熙光流、虫茧女王和提雷克领主,而不是M6,取得了终末之战的胜利。

    This MOD is designed to be a part of a whole series of multimedia projects under the same setting —— PIHC world. 此模组计划为同一世界观设定下("高堡奇驹"世界)的系列多媒体工程之一。
    Other parts of the series:
    Music: youtube, bilibili, netease. Continuously updating. Trailer: PIHC MOD Official Trailer: youtube, bilibili. Interactive Video: Coming Soon. Novels: Not in foreseeable future. Fan-fiction paintings: Not in foreseeable future unless with a volunteer. Fan-fiction animation: Not in foreseeable future unless with a volunteer. 此系列的其他内容包括:
    音乐: 油管,哔哩哔哩, 网易云音乐。持续更新中。 预告片: 高堡奇驹模组正式预告:油管,哔哩哔哩。 互动视频:即将推出。 小说:暂无计划。 同人插画:暂无计划,除非有志愿者。 同人动画: 暂无计划,除非有志愿者。  
    Installation 安装教程
    The relatively new version of Age of History II from steam is required. ——Feb. 2021 需要拥有较新的steam版本文明时代2。——2021年2月
    We use the version 0.2.2L as a demonstration. 下面以版本0.2.2L为例演示安装方法。
    Download the rar or zip file in 0.2.2L release to your local disk. Or you can download through Baidu Cloud Disk (code: rv8j) or QQ channael (934449651). 首先下载版本0.2.2L中的rar或zip文件到本地。也可以通过百度网盘 (code: rv8j)或QQ群 (934449651)下载。
    Then copy all the sub directories of the folder "PIHC-0.2.2L/" into your game folder (e.g.: "<path to steam>/steamapps/common/AoCII/"), and replace all files if any conflict occurs. 然后复制"PIHC-0.2.2L/PC/"目录下的所有子文件夹到您的游戏目录 (例如: "<您的steam目录>/steamapps/common/AoCII/"),如果出现同名文件选择全部替换。
    Finally, change the file "<path to steam>/steamapps/common/AoCII/map/Age_of_Civilizations.json" by adding the following lines: 最后,修改文件"<您的steam目录>/steamapps/common/AoCII/map/Age_of_Civilizations.json",加入以下几行文本:
    { Folder: "PIHC-0.2.2-large" }, Now the installation is done. Enjoy! 安装完成。尽情享受!
    Directly Download the --- file in 0.2.2L release and install it on your phone or whatever else Android device. 直接下载版本0.2.2L中的apk文件安装到您的手机或其他任何安卓设备上。
    If you are stuck at the first time loading the game, just quit the game and try it again, with a large probability it would work well. 如果您在第一次加载文件时游戏卡住了,直接退出游戏重新进入,大概率会有效。
    Now the installation is done. Enjoy! 安装完成。尽情享受!
    Change Log 更新日志
    Note: "T" stands for "tiny", "S" for "small", "M" for "medium", "L" for "large" and "H" for huge, with respect to the number of provinces. 版本号中T,S,M,L,H代表地图大小(省份数目)从小到大。
    2021.02.23 0.2.2L
    Android Mobile Support. 支持安卓手机版。 English and Chinese language support. 支持英语和中文双语。 Several bugfixes. 修正了若干错误。 Minor balancing. 微小的平衡性修正。 Font replaced. 字体替换。 Header replaced. 头图替换。 Loading lines replaced (English only), 28 in total. 启动语替换(仅英语),共28条。 Music added. 添加了音乐。 "For Fluttery!" (”为了柔柔!“) 16 cities in total. 16个城市。 Civilizations Rename: Cozy Glow's Feudal Equestria -> Equestria Empire, Derpy's Feudal Cloudsdale -> Feudal Cloudsdale, Discord Legion -> Chaos Legion, Trixie Lulamoon's Feudal Ponyville -> Feudal Ponyville. 和熙光流的封建小马国->小马利亚帝国, 小呆的云中城封地->封建云中城, 无序军团->混沌军团, 崔克西的小马谷封地->封建小马谷。 Added 23 leaders without portraits: Starlight Glimmer (for Starlight Liberation Front), Lord Tirek (for Tirek's Realm), Cozy Glow (for Equestria Empire), Queen Chrysalis (for Changeling Empire), Trixie Lulamoon (for Feudal Ponyville), Zecora (for Zebra Tribe), Gift Givers (for The Reindeers In The High Castle), Flim & Flam (for Los Pegasus Syndicate), Windigos (for Windigos), Flurry Heart (for Crystal Empire), Derpy Hooves (for Cloudsdale), Sunset Shimmer (for The Mirror Dimension), Autumn Blaze (for Kirin Utopia), Capper (for Kluge Town), Discord (for Chaos Legion), Braeburn (for Appleloosa Autonomous Region), Maud Pie (for Rockfarm Autonomous Region), Queen Novo (for Hippogriff Kingdom), Ember (for Dragonland), Prince Rutherford (for Yakyakistan), Gladmane (for Manehatton Gang), Grampa Gruff (for Griffon Empire), Ahuizotl (for Ahuizotl's Jurisdiction). 添加了23位无肖像领袖: 星光熠熠(星光解放阵线),提雷克领主(提雷克领地),和熙光流(小马利亚帝国),虫茧女王(幻形灵帝国),崔克西(封建小马谷),泽科拉(斑马部落),赠礼精灵(驯鹿),弗立姆弗莱姆兄弟(洛马基财团),风之魔(风之魔),风雪之心(水晶帝国),小呆(云中城),余晖烁烁(镜中世界),秋烨(麒麟乌托邦),卡帕(克鲁格镇),无序(混沌军团),布雷本(苹果鲁萨自治区),石灰派(采石农场自治区),诺沃女皇(骏鹰/海马王国),琥珀(龙族),卢瑟福王子(牦牛亚克斯坦),格拉德马(曼哈顿黑帮),古鲁爷爷(狮鹫帝国),水猴(水猴辖区)。 2021.02.03 0.2.1L
    2164 provinces: 2014 land provinces, 150 sea provinces. Made by the auto contour drawer. Manually linked. Playable. 2164个省份:2014个陆地省份,150个海洋省份。由省份生成器制作。手工连接。可玩。 Music added. 添加了音乐。 The Pony In The High Castle (高堡奇驹) Jahr Null (新元年) Icon added. 添加了图标。 2021.02.03 0.2.0L
    Map prettified. 地图美化。 An auto contour drawer (written in python) that automatically builds the game mod's province data from the contour image of the provinces. Small manual corrections are needed. 一个自动省份生成器 (python代码),可以通过地图上的省份轮廓自动生成省份数据。 2062 provinces: 1964 land provinces, 98 sea provinces. Made by the auto contour drawer. No links built. 2062个省份:1964个陆地省份,98个海洋省份。由省份生成器制作。尚未建立连接。 2021.01.23 0.1.0T
    Map of Size 9676×5448 pixels based on an unofficial Equestria map. 9676×5448像素地图,根据同人创作地图改编。 71 provinces: 42 land provinces, 32 sea provinces. Made manually. playable. 71个省份:42个陆地省份,32个海洋省份。手工制作。可玩。 Initial 24 civilizations: Ahuizotl's Jurisdiction, Appleloosa Autonomous Region, Changeling Empire, Cozy Glow's Feudal Equestria, Crystal Empire, Derpy's Feudal Cloudsdale, Discord Legion, Drangonland, Griffon Empire, Hippogriff Kingdom, Kirin Utopia, Kluge Town, Los Pegasus Syndicate, Manehatton Gang, Rockfarm Autonomous Region, Saddle Arabia, Starlight Liberation Front, The Mirror Dimension, The Reindeers In The High Castle, Tirek's Realm, Trixie Lulamoon's Feudal Ponyville, Windigos, Yakyakistan, Zebra Tribe. 初始的24个文明:水猴辖区, 苹果鲁萨自治区, 幻形灵帝国, 和熙光流的封建小马国, 水晶帝国, 小呆的云中城封地, 无序军团, 龙族, 狮鹫帝国, 骏鹰/海马王国, 麒麟乌托邦, 克鲁格镇, 洛马基财团, 马哈顿黑帮, 采石农场自治区, 马鞍阿拉伯, 星光解放阵线, 镜中世界, 驯鹿, 提雷克领地, 崔克西的小马谷封地, 风之魔, 牦牛亚克斯坦, 斑马部落。  
    To Do List 计划
    ✅ 0.1.0T ✅ 0.2.0L ✅ (0.2.1L) Optimize Yakyakistan, Appleloosa Autonomous Region and Changeling Empire. 优化牦牛亚克斯坦,苹果鲁萨自治区,幻形灵帝国。 ✅ (0.2.1L) Improve the auto contour drawer. 优化省份生成器。 ✅ (0.2.1L) Link the provinces in large map. Will probably make an auto linker. 在大图中建立连接。可能会写一个自动脚本。 ✅ (0.2.1L) Create a small amount of cities. 创建少量城市。 ✅ (0.2.1L) Publicize 0.2.1L, the first public version. 公布第一个公开版本0.2.1L。 ✅ (0.2.2L) Android Mobile Support. 支持安卓手机版。 ✅ (0.2.2L) Create leaders for each civilization. 创建领袖。 ⬜ (0.2.3L) Balance adjustments. 平衡性调整。 ⬜ (0.2.3L) Create more cities. 创建更多城市。 ⬜ (0.2.3L) Chinese Loading lines. 中文启动语。 ⬜ (0.2.3L) Create simple scenarios with events. 创建简单的事件剧本。 ⬜ (0.2.4L) Leader portraits and flags for each civilization. 领袖肖像和旗帜。 ...  
    Community 社区
    Official MOD development and testing QQ channel: 934449651. The community has just started and needs your support. You could join in to inform us about suggestions of improvement or BUGs or anything else. 官方模组开发与测试QQ群: 934449651。社区刚刚建立,需要您的支持!您可以加入QQ群来反馈改进意见或BUG或其他任何事情。
    Acknowledgement 鸣谢
    Talirian (me): MOD Founder & Map developer & PC MOD designer/developer. 尖峰Gren: Android MOD developer & PC MOD developer. vagrant137, Norway, 特瓦伊莱特: The first testers. porkied: MOD Proposer. Helpers:
    下木枕流, 以德待人, 从〇开始的鸽子生活, ... (from AoH2:Weita MOD production group). 开发者:
    Talirian (我):模组创始者 & 地图开发者 & PC模组设计者/开发者。 尖峰Gren:安卓模组开发者 & PC模组开发者。 vagrant137,Norway,特瓦伊莱特:首批体验者们。 porkied:模组提议者。 帮助者:
    Contributing 贡献
    This project is powered by nothing but my own passion and completely free. However, it is impossible to finish all the works by my own. 这项工程完全由我个人用爱发电。然而,仅凭我个人不可能完成这巨大量的工作。
    If you would like to offer any kind of help, please contact through any one of github, bilibili (Talirian, UID 409790680), netease (Talirian), email (magolor@---), or AoH2 forum (Magolor). I would really appreciate it if you could join us. 如果您有意愿提供任何可能的帮助,请通过GitHub、b站(Talirian, UID 409790680)、网易云(Talirian)、邮箱(magolor@---)或文明时代2论坛(Magolor)中的任何一种联系方式联系我。非常感谢您的帮助!
    Especially, painters (for leader portraits, flags, fan-fiction paintings, advertisement, etc.), and balancers (to determine the properties for different civilizations and different regions to design a balanced game experience for civilizations) are in urgent need. Also, I decided to give away AoH2 game on steam (or anything similar you would like) as a small present for the volunteers. 特别地,我们亟需画师(画领袖肖像、国旗、同人插画、宣传,等)和平衡师(设计区域和文明数据,平衡各个文明的游戏体验)。将会在steam上赠送文明时代2游戏本体(或您想要的任何类似物品),作为小小的回赠礼物。
    Also, feel free to contact me if you have any question, or something that I could possibly help you. 另外,如果您有任何疑问或是需要我的帮助,也欢迎联系我。
    Finally, thank you all for your support, watch or star. 最后,感谢大家的支持、关注和点赞。
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    And follow me for funny content!
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    Plz dont put the download link in vk website cuz it asks my phone number which i dont have a phone number plz i beg u not to put on vk website 
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    Duchy of Darkis and Fungus reacted to Reich in Age of Civilizations 2 | Addon 2.0 | ALIVE   
    Addon was transferred to other developer. You can check new topic of the mod:
    You can continue watch my personal activity only in topic of Norrvagen and my group in VK.
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    How about this System?

    Government type; 政府形態

    Parlamentaric Republic 議会共和制 tag;””
    Commune 評議会 tag;"n"
    Despotic Monarchy 専制君主制 tag;”d”
    Enlightened Despotism 啓蒙君主制 tag;"e"
    Constitutional Monarchy 立憲君主制 tag;”m”
    Fascist Dictatorship ファシスト独裁 tag;”f”
    Proletariat Dictatorship プロレタリアート独裁 tag;”c”
    Presidential Dictatorship 大統領独裁 tag;”p”
    Military Junta 軍事暫定政権 tag;"j"
    Anarchy 無政府 tag;”t”
    Emirate 首長国 tag;”h”

    New Ideologies Chart System; 新型イデオロギーチャートシステム
    Traditional Conservatism 伝統的保守主義
    Libaral Marketism 自由市場主義
    Romantism ロマン主義
    Anarchism 無政府主義
    Moderative Socialism 穏健社会主義
    Reformism 社会改良主義
    Communism 共産主義
    Nationalism 国粋主義
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    Duchy of Darkis and Fungus reacted to Lipark Japanese modder in VEIOU ( Victor Est Imperare Orbi Universo) - MEIOU and Taxes mod for AoH2   
    capituration system, AI reinforcement and maybe graphics update
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    How exciting!
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    How exciting!
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    I have the map file, but the map is unplayable because  some provinces in Spain were buggy and the game always crashes after opening it the second time.
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    why did you hide original topic i wanna DOWNLOAD it
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    added leader:
    -Juho Kusti Paasikivi to Finland (Cold War)

    Hans Hedtoft to Denmark (Cold War)

    Tage Erlander to Sweden (Cold War)

    Eamon de Valera to Ireland (Cold War)

    Louis St. Laurent to Canada (Cold War)

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    And Cold War scenario
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    Photo from USA States Scenario
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    thanx hetman for the return
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    Holy Moly 22 000 provinces
    this map is goin to be 1:1 scale to real world lol
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