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  1. I shifted the outline from .26 to .05 and upped the dpi to 1000 in addition to adding some more countries. Zooming it looks a lot better. Might decrease the outline further, and of course will keep adding countries currently displaying SOA. I tried uploading 1100 and 1200 dpi but despite being under the upload limit it won't take. Anyway this is much improved, but I'll keep working.
  2. I found SOA boundaries and even some third order on GADM. I don't have the time to do them all at once. I did some of the big countries, saved my project and exported it See attached. This is 300 dpi and looks like it is 2+ megs. Let me know how it looks when you zoom it. I can ramp up the resolution. Looks like 14.5 MB is my attachment limit on this forum.
  3. Checked this morning. I had a bit of time before for I have I to take the daughter to school. So I have country boundaries and first order area (foa) boundaries (province/state/governorate etc.) but I don't have a second order area (soa) boundaries shapefile which the topic map is clearly of. I just downloaded a second order area shapefile but it turned out to be a point file. I have some second order area shapefiles for some countries, but I'll have to retrieve others. I think I'll concentrate the big countries since the little ones already have tiny foa boundaries. Below is a quick-low res screenshot to show you where I am at currently.
  4. Looks like first and second order area boundaries and Robinson projection. I should be able to recreate this in QGIS and set the dpi to at least 300. It will be a huge file.
  5. I am working on GURPS Alternate History 1: Dixie-1 an alternate Civil War scenario set in 1985. I did the map and got to vassals. Any youtube videos or explanations on how to make a vassal? I intend to eventually cover all the GURPS alternate history scenarios.
  6. Awesome. Good to see a 5 AD story
  7. I found this works great. During war I have to reduce this and after war focus on stability, but as soon as I can I go right back to the recommended percentages and add buildings were I need them with the excess.
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