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    coubal got a reaction from JustAnUser in Peace Treaty Bug (maybe?)   
    I had the same bug, and although I had some trouble reproducing it (because of some color blindness), I definitely took possesion of England and Castille this way in the 1440 scenario.
    Long story short :
    - played with France; - in a alliance with Bourgogne and Nevers; - Castille (already spreading across actual Spain territory) began the war with me (so I was the main defender); - had some trouble but managed to invade their territory (Bourgogne also invaded some territories) - during the peace treaty, I was supposed to choose my territories, but instead requested for liberation Cataluña; - then I selected Catalunian territories, the stars count didn't change, then I could select some more territories (and repeat if needed). Once again, I made some random clicks that led me to this, I may try and reproduce the bug again.
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