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  1. Adx97

    Where's Lukasz?

    Did he abandon this game, or he choose to stay silent? Is he taking a long rest (1-10 years?) without telling anyone and ignore the game and forum?
  2. Adx97


    Can be prevented if Lukasz hire few developer/programmer. At least he not working on bug and update alone.
  3. Adx97


    MILITARY Army Morale Army has morale as hp bar. When it reach 0 the army retreat. The chances of army recreating depends on general skill and technology difference. General Each army need a general. Army that doesn't have general has -50% morale. When a general die in a battle it decrease army morale by 50% and have 10% chances to retreat. General skills 1 ⭐ general to 5 ⭐ general Each ⭐ increase morale by 2% Retreat chances : ⭐ - 60% ⭐⭐ - 70% ⭐⭐⭐ - 80% ⭐⭐⭐⭐ - 90% ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -100% No general - 10%
  4. POPULATION Nation First fix nation population. How can Russia has more population than China. Nation population suppose to be realistic. Building Hospital - increase disease resistance School - for non adult Barracks - recruit army Research facilities - for researcher Change library to research facilities Population that are not just a number Add adult (18-60), non-adult (0-17) and retired (60^) pop. Add Life expectancy - old pop that reach certain age die. Life expectancy increase base on technology. [
  5. Hire more developers. At least you don't have to work alone and bug will be fix faster. Fix bug first, try to add new stuff that are suggested in suggestion. Make map able to share/download/upload in android/IOS. Add steam workshop. The game will come back to life if you do this.
  6. Looks like you're the only Japanese in this forum.
  7. Lukasz seriously need a few mod and Dev for forum and the game or the community will slowly die. The game has a lot of bug and IOS is not even release yet. He's probably working on it or taking a long rest because of 3 years work or he might abandon the game because of pirated game. All the suggestion and bug reports in forum is probably ignored. He's probably overwhelmed by the suggestion and bug reports that's he need to work on it alone. This game has a lot of potential to become a great game.
  8. Adx97

    Corrupted save file

    I found a way to load the corrupted safe file. First, click new game and play (just click the play button, no need to click next turn). Then exit to main menu and load the corrupted save file. (you need to do it every time when you want to load the corrupted save file)
  9. Because they defy God which make religious people don't like them. Not sure if it accurate in real life.
  10. We all know there is a religion folder already but there are no religion in game. Before Lukasz add religion, we should suggest him how religion should work and improve religion ( if he currently making ). Mechanism - Religion map mode. - Religion statistics. - Religion work almost the same as population. - It has percentage in province and diplomacy menu. - Province have low stability if your religion is minority or have many other religion. - Convert province work just like assimilation. - Defender of faith. ( only work before 1900 )
  11. Max alliance should base on government type : Monarchy, Democracy, Republic - 4 Communism, Fascism - 3 Tribal, horde - 1 City state - 2 Not sure if it accurate.
  12. Just like game speed, add turn speed. Example: 1 turn = 2 weeks = 1 month = 2 months = 3 months And so on, max 1 year. Remove turn gap base on age.
  13. Adx97

    Vassal Bug

    It's not a bug. Vassals need to be reworked.
  14. How about make colonization cost diplomatic point, few hundred population and few thousand money. The cost (money and diplomatic point) increases depends on distance. And it take few turn until population in colonized province reach 5000.
  15. Adx97

    Corrupted save file

    After I load save file it return back to main menu and I load it again but when i try to open diplomacy menu this happen ( attached pic ). Idk why this happen, before I save the game nothing unusual happen. On another game ( same nation, 1440 scenario and delete save file because I can't play it ) The screen turn dark after a few turn after I unpause the game. I restart the app and then... I can't load my save game (turn 425).
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