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  1. Well, unfortunately there was a problem with my hard drive and my pendrive, I lost all mod files, what wasn't lost was the map made, only the map editor was lost, but without it, it's impossible to continue the mod creation, so that's why the project will be restarted, suggestions from provinces are more than welcome at this time. For more news, log on to Discord.
  2. First Punic War Scenario. Pax Romana Scenario. 1243 Scenario.
  3. This is a fake Lukasz.The real Lukasz is gone.
  4. We'll add, about the last post (about Libya and the borders of the Ottoman Empire in Arabia) We are going to add your suggestion (Angola and Mozambique), mainly taking advantage of the fact that we haven't done Africa yet.
  5. Europe States completed. If you want to see the cities, I recommend going to Discord.
  6. Alpha by the end of the year (our goal is to release alpha by the end of this month, but that's more of a challenge than a prediction). The mod completes, the plan is to release by the end of summer next year.
  7. The plan is to add on mobile, but we are seeing how we can do this.
  8. Historical Ultimate Project (HUP) - Work in progress. //<----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->\\ //<----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->\\ Introduction Hi, I'm Polska, but I prefer to be called Mic, I'm currently using some of my free time to develop a mod with things missing from the game, like a map with historical provinces of various dates, events for interesting scenarios
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