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  1. The year is 2046. Two year ago, the US and their allies have declared war on China and their allies as a response to their unjustified invasion of the Philippines. In the two years since, China and their allies occupied the Philippines, most of Korea, most of Indonesia, half of Japan and even parts of Alaska. However the US is getting prepared for a counterattack. Not only that, but the Uyghurs are rebelling because they see this as their chance to get their freedom after decades of oppression. 1568431209429qqakcavl.zip
  2. California gains independence, becomes communist and allies with North Korea
  3. Name: Violet Confederation Leader: Mysterious General (+1% economy, +2% attack, +5% movement points) Government: Fascism Location: East coast of USA and the Bahamas (capital in Harrisburg) Flag:
  4. This is a scenario where Japan wins in the Pacific during WW2. The Axis still loses in Europe, only changes are in Asia/Pacific. Put the1593711228156akxinhkb.zip file in the scenarios folder, put the 1570929802995rmvtkvpk.zip file in the civilizations_editor folder
  5. ok. What is the max possible year? Cus I dont want my game to crash.
  6. The last age ends with year 5000, so is it possible to make events after that? Thank you!
  7. I was making events for a scenario and I wanted to make a country build a port with events. Is there a way to do this?
  8. That has happened to me. All you can really do is exit the game and reopen it.
  9. flag: Capital: Harrisburg Color: r: 0 g: 0 b: 255 Goverment: Fascism
  10. place the 1574624596649ogdolffp folder in map -> earth -> scenarios place the 157088486735blximmut folder in game -> civilizations_editor 1570884867354blximmut.zip 1574624596649ogdolffp.zip
  11. Hey @Dave ☢ may I have an invite to the discord?
  12. @IlanFX cuz it isn't completely finished.
  13. Scenario for year 1944. 1573357998877mgkkvgwx 1573357998877mgkkvgwx_A 1573357998877mgkkvgwx_C 1573357998877mgkkvgwx_D 1573357998877mgkkvgwx_HRE 1573357998877mgkkvgwx_INFO.json 1573357998877mgkkvgwx_PD 1573357998877mgkkvgwx_W
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