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  1. Hey @Dave ☢ may I have an invite to the discord?
  2. @IlanFX cuz it isn't completely finished.
  3. Scenario for year 1944. 1573357998877mgkkvgwx 1573357998877mgkkvgwx_A 1573357998877mgkkvgwx_C 1573357998877mgkkvgwx_D 1573357998877mgkkvgwx_HRE 1573357998877mgkkvgwx_INFO.json 1573357998877mgkkvgwx_PD 1573357998877mgkkvgwx_W
  4. @Kelvinnn good point. Maybe I'll give it back to Russia in the next update.
  5. Cool scenario. You should make a version that includes the whole world
  6. The middle of a war between USA and China. China is currently winning, but it is not too late for America to turn things around. WIP 1568431209429qqakcavl 1568431209429qqakcavl_E 1568431209429qqakcavl_A 1568431209429qqakcavl_C 1568431209429qqakcavl_D 1568431209429qqakcavl_HRE 1568431209429qqakcavl_INFO.json 1568431209429qqakcavl_PD 1568431209429qqakcavl_W
  7. +Shiite Use drive? Like google drive?
  8. 1546906 150011wbodspie If this doesn't work pls help me share scenarios
  9. How do I share scenarios?
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