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  1. anything, any potato pc can run it
  2. yes, this is a known bug. Don't expect it to get fixed tho
  3. Am I the only who can't add new leaders? the picture is black when I do
  4. Just some random leaders: Ukraine's President - Volodymyr Zelensky Updated Grand Duchy of Lithuania Leader - Vytautas the Great Serbia's President - Aleksandar Vucic Kosovo's President - Hashim Thaçi (technically)Bosnia's President - Šefik Džaferović Saudi Arabia's King - Salman of Saudi Arabia North Macedonia's President - Stevo Pendarovski Japan's Emperor - Naruhito Australia's Prime Minister - Scott Morrison Belarus (not really) President - Alexander Lukashenko Latvia's President - Egils
  5. Made this scenario of Lithuania in the 17th century, but I'm not sure what files to upload here because I'm using the Addon+ mod.
  6. I agree, but I don't think they should annex the provinces when they start. I think they should have more troops tho, and maybe have an attack bonus too. Because of the rebels the surrounding provinces should have some instability.
  7. Thank you, these look pretty nice.
  8. Neon

    1000 Scenario

    My first ever scenario I made, so don't be too harsh. Let me know if there are any mistakes, I'll fix them. I didn't add any leaders, because that would take such a long time, I might add some when I have more time tho. 1000 Scenario.zip
  9. Lithuania has wrong borders. Belarus should not have the Varena region.
  10. I would also like to see a console command where you and other countries can instantly annex others.
  11. Neon


    except that if you make it with the HRE option, they are weak as hell and do not defend each other.
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