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  1. I've currently working on the Cold War 1960 Scenario, but I had some problem. as my scenario is set in 1960, I wanted to set the leader of some civilizations into one that I wanted (Hirohito for Japan, Mao Zedong for PR China). but the game automatically sets the leader into newer one from Modern scenario (Akihito and Xi Jinping, respectively). is there any way to change this?
  2. The current ranking system needs some rework. Since it was entirely based on your economy and population, not your tech and armies. It's ridiculous to see Indonesia has a better rank than most of European powers in Modern World campaign just because they had more population than them.
  3. Damn, I've just made my own 70 custom modern leaders then I found this.
  4. While I'm creating my own leaders, I've encountered this bug. as you can see, the month August were switched in place of September. It's really small bug but it's really annoying, please fix it asap.
  5. Well, you can using the hi-res picture too, but make sure that the picture has the same aspect ratio as 88x100.
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