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  1. Raz17th

    imbalanced warfare

    And something else.... another neighbour country with 48 provinces, economy of 59,526, has 78,350 units in their capital, which is province of 3954 population. Anyone able to explain these two things to me, pretty please.
  2. Raz17th

    imbalanced warfare

    Hi, I just want to understand how this works as it frustrates me. My current tribe has an economy of 25,000 (got it up from 9k) and a neighbouring tribes has conquered quite a few wastelands and other tribes, with an economy of now 18,000. The neighbour is quite aggressive and grows quickly in the normal mode. If only manage to have 750 units at any time as I otherwise have a negative income per round. The neighbour just started to invade me with 4k units and quickly flattens me. How is it possible that a) they can have so many units and b) able to sustain such an large amount per round? Would be good to learn on whether I am playing this all wrong. Best,
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