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  1. Jeśli ktoś nie wie jak grać online to tu jest filmik nie mojego autorstwa tłumaczący temat (wprawdzie dość ułomna metoda, ale działa)
  2. I have the same problem
  3. Hmm what if Western Europe moved to 140 BC? Stupid idea! West conquers the world. Boredom! Hmmmm Eureka! The West Moves to 140 BC but the technology has been adapted to the era! And what is in the game? This scenario contains events! You can also protect Europe from the invasion of huns! Plans for the future events for every Western European country events "first Christianity vs modern Christianity" rebuilding the Macedonian Empire events "Era of Vikings" bete
  4. Taka odpowiedź menu gry => edytor => edytor gry => pakiet regionów
  5. Sprawdź w edytorze eventy. Może ich niema albo są źle napisane
  6. Interesujący scenariusz Jeszcze nie przejrzałem całego ale pierwsze tury wyglądają zachęcająco Będziesz go jeszcze rozwijał?
  7. Ilovethisgame2 I have a goal like this
  8. Hexes are cool Hexes are nice Hexes + Aoc2? hmmm .... Hex map Current number of provinces : 699
  9. This scenario was supposed to be for me But when I stopped developing it, I decided that someone might like it What does this sceanarian do? Well, there are many events (but not so much)! And because my English is weak the rest is in pictorial form! First turn Possible ends 140BC - 620.zip
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