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  1. Don't worry, and I think I will try to fix the random name
  2. The 1.2 is here ! It adds 12 new countries around all the world ! The 1.3 will are focused on lots of new events
  3. Thx u ! For Africa, yes I know, I say that in the description Africa, Asia and South America are in developement, like a "test" version of these continents, just for do run the game
  4. @Ramiro007 Thanks you ! The scenario isn't finished yet, I will publish soon a new version with a lot of new events ; )
  5. Eh mais attend on se connaît 😉
  6. Au Nom de l'Empereur : an Alt-History Scenario Hi ! Au Nom de l'Empereur (In the Name of the Emperor) is an alternative history scenario that answers a question: what if Napoleon III had won the Franco-Prussian war of 1870? Here is the timeline to explain the Lore: https://time.graphics/line/111249In addition, I did a lot of work on the events, which number 23 and which spread over twenty countries to make the scenario more realistic!In terms of mapping, I finished all of the world. The entire future work will are on events and leaders. As mentioned above, the leaders have not been a
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