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  1. In my 32 bit pc it just doesnt open after my first play. So I reinstall the game and the mod, then it works but when I come back to play it the other day it just keeps crashing until I reinstall both game and the mod again
  2. I FOUND DA WAE!! IT IS OVER THERE!! http://www.ageofcivilizationsgame.com/topic/754-greater-europe-map/page/4/?tab=comments&_fromLogout=1&_fromLogin=1
  3. wtf I thought u were from spain or something
  4. maybe something with the files?
  5. those eyes look like pigs in minecraft
  6. If you release a vassal that was not in the game it will be democracy but if u conquer a country then make it your vassal it vill take ur ideology
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