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  1. Another idea: If Lenin doesen't win against Tsar and WW1 won with Russia. Lenin revolted in Germany. German Commune formed and spreaded to Austria,Turkey,Italy. Hungary gains its borders. (in 1440).Romania and Hungary's opinions are -40 so for Transylvania.France gained Rhineland. Russia gained East Prussia,Erzurum (Eastern Anatolia) and Some German Colonies. Britain gains too. France gains Piedmont. Austria-Hungary dismantled. Ottomans lost Hejaz to Arabia. Iraq (except mosul) to Iraq. Syria belows to Ottomans. Ottomans are democracy for İttihat-i Terrakiye. Germans are communist. Austrians are Democracy too. But in events they can be commune.
  2. That's freaking awesome. oh that's really awesome.
  3. The provinces of Byzantium is very small it gives a advantage.
  4. I will try but the first Mexican Tribe Aztecks found in 1050s.
  5. Oh this is perfectful mod but nobody respects it. :/
  6. But I play CK2,Victoria II,EU4,HOI4,AOCII.
  7. This is a mod contains the fall of Rome. It is simple mod. The Visighots,Alamans, Goths etc. I will add events one by one. Follow this mode for updates. Preview: 1552064794011fagervgc.zip
  8. Hurtlyz

    New City icons

    It is simple and nice.
  9. Now making the K+ Mod Project with ieunal61 , Pikachu , Goody.

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