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  1. Who is lakap338? He is giving rep to my posts.

  2. 1- Where is link? (If it is work in progress go to 2.) 2- When will it releases? 3-Can you explain more?
  3. I tested this and... This is awesome man! @Suzema
  4. This looks like more tasty than strawberry jam!
  5. I started to help "On the Verge of War Mod".

  6. Another idea: If Lenin doesen't win against Tsar and WW1 won with Russia. Lenin revolted in Germany. German Commune formed and spreaded to Austria,Turkey,Italy. Hungary gains its borders. (in 1440).Romania and Hungary's opinions are -40 so for Transylvania.France gained Rhineland. Russia gained East Prussia,Erzurum (Eastern Anatolia) and Some German Colonies. Britain gains too. France gains Piedmont. Austria-Hungary dismantled. Ottomans lost Hejaz to Arabia. Iraq (except mosul) to Iraq. Syria belows to Ottomans. Ottomans are democracy for İttihat-i Terrakiye. Germans are communist. Austrians a
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