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  1. The player wouldn't Capitulate unless they press a button or something to surrender. Normally it is leaders or the government the surrender.
  2. Naoiph

    What is going on

    I logged in to this forum and found possibly hundreds of posts, all made by users who joined a couple hours ago, about selling fake documents etc. for getting into countries and fake drivers licenses etc. What is going on, and can this be stopped? I am very concerned and hopefully someone can ban all the users and delete all the posts
  3. maybe more resources would destroy the simplicity, and now that I've thought of it from a different viewpoint I agree with you. I don't agree about leaders and aircraft though, as aircraft are basically the same as normal units but with two plunder buttons and leaders dying would just make the game better and more interesting to play.
  4. Naoiph

    Flag Competition

    one is an alternate america invaded by nazis scenario, the other is fictional flag
  5. 1. The ability to make custom buildings for mods and stuff. 2. Aircraft. Aircraft would be like the ground army but can only be trained in provinces with an airbase. To attack with aircraft you could go into into a special 'Aircraft' map view. Aircraft can move 2 or 3 provinces at a time and can move through your territory, nations which you have military access to's territory and enemy territory. When over enemy territory there will be two buttons which will be kind of like the 'plunder' button for ground troops. One will commence a bombing raid which destroys population and economy and the other, close air support, kills troops. A random percentage of aircraft get 'shot down' after each turn the bombing or close air support happens. 3. Capitulation. When a country loses a percentage of its provinces, every turn after that there should be a random chance of the country capitulating and surrendering. 4. More types of resources. 5. Better AI. 6. Religions doing something (In the game files there are religion icons and a json file so I think this might come soon) 7. Leaders dying. 8. Elections for new leaders (maybe) that is all my idea so far edit: and also the icon for democracy should be changed. I don't think a crown would be suitable for it
  6. How do you edit the buildings? I can't find any tutorials on this and have been looking through the game files and have not found anything to do with buildings.
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