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  1. I apologize for this late reply, but I do have the solution: If you want to rename a country automatically by ideology/government, you have to follow these steps: - Locate the Folder with the Custom Countries - Locate the File for that Country within the Folder, an Example being: "1544372214811aiomucxo" - Place that File within the Base-Game Civilizations Folder (not civilizations_editor but just civilizations) - Copy the Name of that File - Go to the Languages Folder - Once inside the Languages Folder, go into the Civilizations Folder within the Langu
  2. I have a problem, when I make a flag for my communist/fascist/tribal etc.. country. The flag will never appear. 1551645027341nzzxrknd_FL.png = the original democratic flag. ^ | No matter what, this democratic flag always appears; when I attempt to change things, it either does nothing or the flag goes blank. I've tried to do multiple flag renaming techniques to get my other flags to show, but they won't. If I do this let's say: 1551645027341nzzxrknd_c_FL.png = my attempt at making a communist flag. It doesn't work, I've tried resizing, deleting,
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