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  1. Map dont working.
  2. It doesn’t work. It did not create a province.
  3. Когда я зашёл в вкладку правителей то игра перешла в главное меню.В предыдущих версиях такого небыло.
  4. Могу добавить флаги и для других стран кроме Германии.
  5. For some reason, I had to reject the development of the mod until September. I already managed to add several leaders and a couple of maps.
  6. I make a super mod. It is called that because it adds a lot of things. More leaders More diseases More civilisations More scenarios More ages More maps The mod will be ready somewhere in the middle of this month.
  7. Good mod. But it is a pity that it is installed as a separate game and not as a mod for the game.I can make a scenarios on Warhammer or localize this mod if you want.
  8. Update: ENG:more flags,changed the names of some Islamic countries for example: Sweden is now called the Sultanate of Swedistan,mod translated into Russian RU:добавлены новые флаги,изменены названия некоторых исламистких стран например:Швеция теперь называется Султанатом Шведистана,мод переведён на русский язык Islamism v2.0.rar
  9. I will soon issue a map of Venus
  10. WolodyaRed21

    Moon map

  11. What if to create maps not for separate fear but for separate regions?
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